“And I stay there besides thinking how cool it would be if I were that guy.’ by Gopal Pun (Runner Up, Wordism Competition- Shrawan)

Gopal Pun, Runner Up of Wordism Competition for the Month of Shrawan

Writer: Gopal Pun

Hey Rain !

You want to know something? I just love the way you depart from those black and bleak clouds, descend down to the surface of the earth, moisten the dry and dusty land and make everything cool. I love the saint that spreads around after the drops of yours hit the dust even more.

Whenever the red hot blistering sun roasts me, the daily scheduled work sucks me or any kind of inner anxiety pressurizes me; at that time I feel like you are the only thing who can empathize with my feelings. I just climb upstairs to the terrace, spread my arms, look up above, let your drops run through my every parts, let you flow through every nerves and veins and let you feel what my heart and soul says at the moment. Then, I stand still, look at my own reflection on your mirror down the floor, smile, realize who I am, why am I behaving like this, what do I need to do to get myself out of this stressful zone and return to my room with a bright curve on my face and fresh hope in my heart. Thank you for constantly chilling me down in such conditions.

But, it seems like you’ve been unstoppable and uncontrollable these days. Witnessing your incessant fall and submerging myself into your beauty has been my daily bread and butter.

However, while I celebrate our lovey-dovey kind of relationship with you, you are being intolerable to others. People generally don’t like seeing you falling down. Because the roads become muddy and slippery, people cannot go out and they have to stay in their home waiting for you to stop, those who are out on the streets get wet and they do nothing but rebuke you, scold you for appearing out of nowhere so immediately. Yes! In a sense you’ve been so cruel to those poor people out there.

Dear Rain! The monsoon season/your season is running and I’ve noticed that you are being insanely crazy. Sometime you are so heavy that the plain areas turn into water reservoir, hilly areas couldn’t bear your seamless fall and induce landslides, which ultimately creates a deleterious mayhem. Sometimes you are so light that even the slight breeze can take you away. Sometimes you are so fluctuating that people get confused what to make out of the condition. And sometimes your location of fall differs only by few hundred meters, which is extremely sickening for pedestrians.

Here, I want to share something with you. This may clear how annoying you have been to other people.

Just yesterday, while I was having a refreshing walk around my colony, you were falling quite light and your mood seemed swinging a lot. I could see some people using their umbrella while some were not. I belonged to the latter group. Then, suddenly I saw a woman holding an umbrella, being so aggressive and saying, “Jeez! What kind of rain is it? Should I open my umbrella or not?” Seeing her I felt funny and sympathetic at the same time. Sympathetic, as because she was being so baffled by your varying occurrence within minutes and funny or pity, as because of her inability to enjoy your affectionate presence.

I also have witnessed my colleagues at my workplace arriving late with their body sopped completely and totally freaked out. And they tell their painful story as; “Bullshit! This climate. It was so dry when I left home, I didn’t take my raincoat along with me. But on the way the rain inhumanly hit me. I got doomed.” And I stay there besides thinking how cool it would be if I were that guy.

Whatever it is, accepting or rejecting you is personal choice and we must admit that everyone has his/her own kind of personal view or affection towards everything. For me you have been a wonderful creation, one of the adorable things that have crossed my way so far. And I never bother to encounter your occurrence anywhere.

Hey Rain!
Can I tell you one secret of mine? If I’d get a chance to arrange a rendezvous with you, I’d love to and be very thankful to you ☺


Question and Answer with Gopal

1. Tell us more about you.

Myself Gopal Pun Magar basically from Baglung. Currently I am staying here at Dhobighat, Lalitpur. Regarding my academic qualification, I’ve done bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Kurukshetra University, India. However, I’m working as a ‘Network Engineer’ at Netfiniti Pvt. Ltd., Gairidhara, Kathmandu.
Towards my hobbies, I like to sing and play guitar. I love playing or watching football a lot. Besides that, reading novels, writing stories, poems, articles, blogs have been my interests which triggered me to run my own personal website http://poongopal.com.np.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

Well, I must sincerely admit that ‘Wordism competition’ is a great opportunity and platform for me and others like me who are actually passionate in writing out their thoughts and needs exposure at the same time. So, when I got this information about this competition from one of my dear friends, I was literally very very excited. I was like,” finally, there’s something out there waiting for me and my words.” I didn’t think about writing to get 1st position, be the winner and bag some gift hampers. On the contrary, what I thought was,” let’s write with all my heart out for this topic, let’s jot down all my inner thoughts and feelings and let’s inspire others with the wordism power I’ve got.” As simple as that.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

I would like to mention a thought of mine, “To Dream comes before To achieve.” Yes! I have my own dreams and aspirations like others do but it’s not like flying high up in the sky and touching the star or being a star. Simple and affordable they are. As I’m a Network Engineer now, the field, which I’m very much passionate and want to build the career in. So, thriving in this field, exploring myself more, being a well skilled Engineer and working for a globally renowned company would definitely be my dreams. Besides this, I would also mention my dream to be a jaw-dropping writer in future days whose every words could inspire others.

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

Ok! For those who are reading this, if you are interested in writing out your thoughts or articles, believe me ‘Wordsim Competition’ is one of the best local opportunities. This really is a great platform for us to transmit our thoughts to the public via the power of words. If you think that you can write or even if you think that you cannot, I’d suggest you to give it a try. The feelings thereafter are so amazing either you win or not.

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