“Coming back home we used to select the way which will have the biggest flood” By Anoop Raj Singh Tharu

Hey Rain

I looked up at the sky and could see the grey clouds. The weather was quite cool and the wind was hard sometimes, pleasant though. I never realized that time that I am really fond of rain. The tinkling sounds it produces when it touches the tin roof of my neighbor house, the tip-tap sounds it gives when it touches the drains overflowing with water, the road which is a hill flows the rain water as when it drops in it, the trees enjoying taking bath and stand elegantly and fresh, the children running and playing in the rain. It also brings with it the fragrance of the sand, when it comes to my nostrils I was always hypnotized by it. It also brings the childhood memories back to those old generations who just sits in their chair and look from the window, the rain and it stories related to them.

While I am writing this it is raining heavily outside. It is only afternoon here and it is already dark. There is thunder striking and I can hear the rain drops hitting my window pane. Every individual who has been brought up in Terai region will have their own memories of monsoon. But I am sure it would be inseparable from the school re opening. We are lucky to have a long and continuous Monsoon. Monsoon also has a predecessor which always start with thunder and lightning. It reminds us it is time for the school to reopen.

Childhood Memories

The smell of rain kissed earth is something that is etched to my mind forever along with the coziness of childhood. The time when I was small enough to cuddle into my father’s arms. When I think of those days the first thing that comes to my mind is my wrinkled feet, ghostly white from walking in the puddles. That horrible feel you get when you walk in water with wet dress and chappal(sandle) for a long long time.

I and sister used to hide extra snack towels in our school bag just to dry ourselves nicely after running in the rain. Coming back home we used to select the way which will have the biggest flood. Thinking of it now brings goose bumps. How ignorant kids can be! The road would be crowded with people busy fishing. And we would have our own small bottle with fish. However most of them eventually turned out to be tadpoles. 😀😀😀 The metamorphosis always surprised me though😛. Mostly we would be busy with schools during the monsoon and I have got only one or two chances to go to the countryside during heavy rain

Life with Rain

Here it has been raining continuously for almost 3 days and I had begun think there is no life beyond this rain. I could not even imagine there will be sunshine while it was pouring. To tell the truth, I could not even imagine of earth, shining in the sun, ever! But Today the sun is out there shining hot. The bright beautiful sun that always follows heavy rain. I saw a group of butterflies and a woodpecker in my garden. Where were all of them when it was raining? What did they do? I wonder.

The fresh smell of mud when first drop strikes the land. The scent it spreads can’t be described in these words; one has to feel it’s magic. The paddy crops first initiation starts before the monsoon (Rain) but after the first rain, the real growing of crops starts by playing and forgetting all the mud and dirt’s. The insects start their own lifecycle and the tree’s leaves become greener than green. The first drop starts every one life in their own way.

Rain (Shrawan) & Feminine in Nepal

Shrawan – the month is considered as the main monsoon and one of the biggest festival or you can say CHAAD falls in this month. Nepalese women usually go do fast and worship Lord Shiva every Monday on this month. It is believed that fast is taken for the welfare of their husband’s health and prosperity. Married women do for their husband while unmarried one’s for their future husband.

Women go so colorful in this month with outfit. Red sarees, yellow and green bangles are symbol of feminine dress code. I feel so much delightful to see kids accepting this culture. Kids wearing bangles, going to temple with their mom are just amazing. While few take them as fashion. Different peoples and their different perspectives.

A walk in the rain

Everyone has their own reason of loving rain and walking in the rain. Some feels great to get wet while other ran and get wet. Love cupids sharing umbrella and walking together in the rain has their own reasons while school kids feels fun to get drizzled by rain with friends. But rain always has made everyone happy with the sounds it makes and the freshness it brings afterwards.

The heavy pouring and people running late for offices and works has their own cold fight but in a healthy way. The packed buses and never ending routine to office always has a story behind those running away from the rain.
While kids always love to play with muds and rain. In fact, they don’t run away from rain, they love to be in rain. Their innocence and love towards it is just amazing. You will see your childhood memo right in front of you when you see kids playing and splashing water to each other, making paper boats and laughing. These all moments make rain even more special.

And, what I love most on a rainy day is to tuck myself under a blanket and simply watch the rain. I always managed to find a cozy place near the window and wanted to discover the point from where rain starts. I would sit there for hours, just like I have waited the whole afternoon to see the 4’o clock flowers open. You would never see when and where. When I think of rain everything that comes to mind is so green, calm, wet and dripping, just like a beautiful girl who has just come out of a river after a dip. Rain has such a cooling effect on every one. It refreshes your soul.

I don’t know what other think about rainy season. But they also want to jump in puddles and play in the water with paper boats just like we did when we were kids. I am happy everyone will also grow as individuals who love the sound and smell of Mother Nature and say aloud, “Hey Rain, come again, yes again”.


Question and Answer with Anoop

1. Tell us more about you.

This is Anoop. I’ve done bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Khwopa Engineering College, Bhaktapur. I’m working as a Engineer at Udeco Telecom Pvt. Ltd..
I like listening music & watching movies. I love playing or watching cricket and table-tennis a lot. Besides that, reading & writing articles been my interests. I love to travel and clicking pictures too.

2. What are your dreams and aspiration?

As everyone else, I have many dreams which I want to live in life. As much I have interest in excelling at my technical career, I also dream of sportsman someday for a club (hope that day will come soon). I aspire to become a writer who can tell stories inspired from our today’s living.

3. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

Live life as it meant to be. Explore yourself by writing as everyone has got that tiny part of writer in themselves which need to be explored to express. Stay happy & blessed.

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