“He had a million-dollar smile on his face when you used to touch his wrinkled face.” Runner Up, Wordism Competition-Shrawan

Rajesh Khatri, Runner Up of Wordism Competition for the Month of Shrawan

Writer: Rajesh Khatri

“Hey, Rain”

Hey, rain you are here once again; I heartily welcome you to our beloved mother earth. I have been missing you since so long. You are not just drops of water for me, you are the music of nature, you are the healer of nature and the nurture of nature.

Now I miss you so badly, I just remember the days when I used to dance to the music of the rain. When you used to slide down from my house’s roof producing heart luring music, I used to ask my brother to make a paper boat for me and used to float that boat on you. I miss the fragrance that used to come from my soil after your touch. That fragrance reminds me of my mother. I miss those days now. Now, I am far from my motherland.

Life is quite busy and I do not see people enjoying the rain here. Everyone I meet complains that rain has ruined their day and plan. But my friend I, have not changed and I will never. I see the nature changing its color in your touch. I can feel the thirst of the earth and after your arrival, it fulfills its thirst. The leaves wash away all its dirt.

I cannot forget the smile my grandfather used to have in his face after your arrival. After all, he was a farmer and who can understand this better than you. He had a million-dollar smile on his face when you used to touch his wrinkled face. Who knows this better than you, how valuable you are to the farmer and that smile which cannot be bought by any means. People ignore you but my grandfather used to embrace you. People feel like their clothes would get dirty after rain but I used to wait with my grandfather to make my cloth dirty with the mud you have made.

You are a great teacher and I have learnt many lessons from you. We cannot have a rainbow without little rain. So, in the same way, we cannot have happiness in life without sacrifice and little pain.

Hey rain, are you listening to me?? People spend a lot of money to learn about different subjects but little people have the ability to learn from you about the lessons of life and that too in free. You do not bias between people. But sometimes when you continuously fall for several days I hear the news about the different incident. I remember about the people who have no house and nowhere to live. How difficult it must have been for them to live in this cold and that makes my heart cry. It’s not just you are flowing, sometimes its people’s tears flowing with you. Sometimes people lose everything because of you. But I do not blame you for this. We had done lots of destruction to our nature and now we are paying for it. We need to understand this swimming in the expensive pool cannot give the feeling like you do.

I like you beating upon my head, I like the feeling when you pass through my cheeks. You touch my soul. I can hear the song you are singing as you are patting down in my roof’s top. Your kiss in my cheeks is no less than my mother kiss. Now, also when I see an innocent soul playing with the rain I cannot stop myself joining it.

I just forget about the expensive diamonds when I see rain drops sprinkling onto the grass like a gardener’s hose. It’s refreshing, romantic and let’s just take a moment to appreciate the SMELL of rain. It’s a thing of beauty.

You make me many years younger than I am. I become the same old Rajesh who is free of the drama of this world and the CEO of his own life. Rain come on once again, wash away all my dirt, wash away all the burden that I have been holding for so long. Make me feel like a feather which can fly just in a shallow wave of air. Rain you are the god’s gift to nature. A beautiful gift. Without you, no life is possible in our mother earth. After your arrival, everything seems smiling. All animals and even nature smile. Flowers bloom to welcome you, farmer sings the song in the field to celebrate your arrival, birds sing in the jungle to enjoy your touch. It’s almost impossible to describe my feelings for you in words. There is still more to tell you I wish I could show my heart to you how I feel about you.


Question and Answer with Rajesh

1. Tell us more about you.

I am Rajesh Khatri, from Pokhara, Nepal and currently I am studying mechanical engineering here in Finland. Life is quite amazing here and education is free of cost. I came to Finland in September last year.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

I always loved to write and I think words are the powerful tool and weapon if they are used correctly. But lately, I lost interest in writing and I have been far from this field since I passed my school level. I do not know the reason why I lost interest in writing. But, when one of my friends namely, Rasmila Shrestha gave me information about the YL, I could not stop myself and I went for it. And here I am writing thanking words to YL and not to forget my friend who encouraged me to write. So, big thanks to her.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

I want to convey my thanks to everyone who is part of my life. I cannot imagine my life without all of you. I just want to be happy in life no more than that. I want to see smiling face of a mother whose son works in 50-degree Celsius hot temperature in Saudi Arab. After coming here, I knew that nobody recognizes me as Rajesh Khatri they recognize me as Nepali. So, Nepal is my identity so I want to my make my identity strong. I want to serve my country in any way possible. That is my aspiration.

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

Whoever, is reading this a big thanks to them. Always be happy and thankful in life. Never hesitate to express your feelings through writing. Life can be hard sometimes but stay calm and never forget the view is beautiful at the top. Two things define a person; your attitude when you have everything and your patience when you have nothing. So, keep in mind these things. Never forget that you matter and always love yourself because you cannot fill from empty vessel.
Last but not the least, I would like to thank YL for giving us the platform where we can express our feelings and emotions through writing. Nepal needs more of the program me and events like this. So hats off to the team and best of luck for your upcoming events. Keep going and thanks for inspiring the youths.

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