“Heart breaks each time I see your picture Hanging on my wall”- Aakriti Adhikari, Runner Up, Wordism Bhadra

Writer: Aakriti Adhikari


Heart breaks each time I see your picture
Hanging on my wall , there you are
How smiling, how charming, those charisma lured me most
Intoxicating eyes, Wild hair and those lips
Look I still remember your face

First day of college,
A cute boy with ripped jeans asked me for pen
Noted my phone number, gave missed call from one to ten
Next week I saw him in my class
and with all these, friendship began
Friends talk, friends share, Friends in-need , friends in-deed,
Luckily! no one got friend-zoned
Canteen, Road, Park , Temples, we stroll
Those ring road travel bus, all day long
Photographs I treasured,
I still laugh how u used to pose
those pocket money, those gifts and oh! those dirty jokes
How easily you could brighten up my mood
Even after few years , your talks were fascinating
Moon, star, ambition , dream , philosophy , literature , poetry
They never ended

Yeah! forever is a lie
But why you even didn’t say a goodbye.
Why you left me without any notice
leaving this deep void that no one can fill
I was your strength you used to say
You were fighter but why you fell weak
I love you baby that’s how you ended your note
If I can go to heaven I would fight with you
why you never talked about devil in your mind
Every day It haunts me how I was so close yet so far
Every day it haunts me how I had vision yet I was blind

I see you in these clouds where you vanished
When rain touches me I feel our kiss
soothing and fresh,
I see you in those rivers where you shattered
I put my hands and embrace the moment

my poor heart
More stubborn than the one I love
He left me and never came back
It still beats for him even when he can’t hear it

heartbreak and pain

Question and Answer with Aakriti

1. Tell us more about you.

I am an engineering graduate from Kathmandu University.Currently, I am trying abroad for my masters degree.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

I saw topic at very beginning of month and was thinking to write a story. As days went on, I completely forgot about competition and just 2 days before deadline I wrote a poem and finally submitted my article.I tried for this competition with blank mind. I just wanted to participate/give a try 😀

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

Professionally, I want to keep on learning and be master of one rather than jack of all. Yeah! I am trying. Personally, I want to live life happily and keep on doing/learning things that would fuel up my soul.

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

If you are also a shy writer as me, please try once. It will boost your confidence.

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