Happy New Year To Her, Prasuma Magarati, Wordism Winner, Chaitra


Dear new year!

To my eagerness of new probability of normal life. My still shivering hands, threatened mind, harmed heart and dull appearance are waiting for the new begining. Surrender to their evil thoughts, guilt to their thirst and hatred to their unhealthy hunger I went through. That was enough to betray my courage but now I am ready to kill my silence and stand for myself. Breaking my 3 years of shattered tunings, I will celebrate this new year and believe me its not going to be challenging. Sympathy to their empty minds because I am able and I can fight for myself…

I felt like I was devastated and misfortuned to have no one speak for me, but I was wrong. I am actually so lucky to have my hands speaking my words to be.

The story would feel like imaginary or my pain would be filmy. Indeed the truth is I was actually the victim. Victim to the thirst of cruelty, hunger of ill minds and the medium of unaccepted satisfaction. It literally hurts when I recall; no matter what, I will reveal. The pity things, that may sound normal but the days I went through were abnormal. Being a 6th grader school girl, I wasn’t taught about sex education. Jolly school days, excitement for tiffin and some nonsense talks were my daily routine. I was always a happy child and trust me I was never introvert nor shy.

Devoted to become a dancer I was admitted in a dance class after school. I used to regard it as my favourite time of the day. It was far from school and it was hard to get a company everyday. My excitement for my passion would stop my parents to forbade me from going to a distance class alone at the evening.

Invisibly, Tears roll upon my eyes thinking the moment. That day, was a rainy day and I forgot to carry my umbrella. I was running to reach fast. At a silent road I met a taxi offering me to drop at my dance class with heartfull of greatfullness I got inside. Unfortunately, the taxi was full of ragged clothes men. I didnt mind adjusting with them. Heading that taxi to a different direction, they took me to a scary jungle. It was raining heavily, I was shouting for help. It was a count of 4 strange men along with the driver. I was sexually harrassed (raped) by a gang. One after the another they hurted me, ignoring my age. It feels bad because that time I was totally unaware about myself being sexually harrassed due to lack of sex education.

With sluggy legs, I phoned my parents from a nearby PCO. It was challenging to explain them, those every moments of pain. I could feel the questions in their tears. Doctor also approved it to be a gang rape. It was impossible to get the semen sample due to rainy day effect. Later shown a possibility when I helped making sketches of all 4 hungry men. I was later taught about sexual harrasments and guided for self defence. Then, I actually realized my happening and the situation my parents must be going through. We had six months of long court routine and finally I got justice at 20th of july 2014. I felt like I won the most incompatible race of my life.

Even though, visibly I got justice, I was broken from inside. My body was still not able to function properly. Doctor gave me another shock about my restriction of dance for coming three years due to my severe injuries. Then, I was not that happy child. My parents and friends would hardly hear my sound, my tears never left me alone for 2 years. I was continously sent to counselling classes. I got my first inspiration, when I met a friend who was also a victim. That wasn’t it, she was harrassed by her own father and later kicked off by her owm family. It was a lesson to climb a first ladder to me.

That particular day, I realized my luck of having my parents in every step of my pain. Those every new year, they prayed to see a mild smile of mine but they were never that fortunated to have their simple wish fulfilled. At the evening when I met them, I hugged them tight and gave a big smile, my first smile in past 3 years. I could see the tears of joy in their eyes. I even found I was’nt only the victim there are hundreds like me and all they need is a lovely support. I promised to be strong and stand independent.

Today, I am the member of inspire women( an int’l org.). I am learning everyday to gain my previous self. At a small age I got a platform to go to different schools and spread sex education to small children. I can now continue my dance from the coming Year and I am counting days.
New year is yet to come and I am longing to celebrate my entire new begining.

Not only that, It is also an appeal to all the rape victims to not punish yourself for those ugly situations. We all unitedly can form a platform of self defence and start a new way of living.
SO LADIES, FEEL PROUD!. Our mother earth supports us and our purity can never be doubted. Go ahead and celebrate this NEW YEAR.
Wishing everyone a “HAPPY NEW YEAR”.
Much love💕
Live your life!

new year

Question answer with Prasuma

1. Tell us more about you.

I am a person aspired with visions, tangled with deeds and a high school student who considers photography as her fav thing. I am indeed a funloving person who loves surprises.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

I always had a thought of doing my best and besides the title I wanted to explore myself among these talented minds and give my emerging words a story in a paragraph through wordism.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

With an aspiration to become an established vj, I have always determined to become the worlds best photographer and yes dream of being captured in the portrait portfolio of worlds best photographers.

4. How do you feel being the Wordism Hero of Chaitra?

I cannot estimate the beautiful journey from runner up to “wordism hero” and shower my regards to yl nepal for providing platform for our thoughts, it was amazing indeed.

5. Anything you want to say about who is reading this!

Hey lovely people, u all are amazing. play your sword to conquer not to defeat, so make your words your medium to estabilish impact among minds, not to defeat the strivers .

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