“HOW DO I GET HAPPINESS ?” Suman Supratik -Runner up, Wordism

How do I get happiness?

I often assume how a person can remain contented. Through my past experiences, what I have discovered is that definition of happiness differs from individual to individual and that’s what makes them enjoy life and portray their living.

Is happiness ephemeral? Yes, I think but then my opinion changes with all sorts of circumstance I encounter. Once I was in a hospital beside a man who was heading towards the paradise. Between the conversations, he said, “I don’t have any regret with what life has given me. I am smiling as I die. I have done everything what I intended to do and I have no complains.” The fellow man died with a glow on his face. Not many die the way the happy man did. So then how to get happiness?

I am a sixteen year old boy. A very young one to make comments about life but it wouldn’t be a surprise if I link it with happiness. People have variation not merely in their genetic makeup but their tastes vary too. I belong to a well off family. I have everything; after all what I need is food, clothes and shelter. But then I look for happiness in extraneous things. Things that are short-lived and their significance can’t even be justified. For instance: travelling, demanding the latest smart-phones, etc. How should I pursue happiness?

It was 7 pm and I was a resident nearby Bhotahity. I had to purchase a book. On my way (Tudikhel), I saw a man with no legs, no hands and he was begging in front of the trespassers but no one had a single penny for him. Then I realized what happiness actually is. The thing that I have already was not there with the man. The irony was that I was also demanding and so was the man. But he was demanding for his living and I was demanding for pleasure. I gifted him a 500 rupee note. To his surprise, he thanked me a lot. I was happy and more than what I would have been if I had a new I-phone as well. Is that what happiness is?

I have asked many people about what happiness is to them. One of my friends told me that he found happiness in the relation he was in. Yes, of course, many adolescents do love to engage in relationships as it is what provides happiness to them. They are happy gossiping with each other and revealing their secrets.

On the contrary, Buddha wasn’t happy with the royal luxuries and delicacies and neither he was interested in relationships but his happiness was in searching for knowledge. Can’t the same thing give happiness to two people?
Modern man has acknowledged a lot of advancements. An interrogation was put forward in front of a man among 7 billion about how he could attain happiness. He answered that he desired a wealthy life although he was among the billionaires. Similarly, I was with a person in Sunakothi who was living a primitive life and he had a smile on his face while he was telling, “It’s too cold right?”A torn sweater was what he was wearing against the freezing cold. He was happy though.

I am happy bringing excellent grades but I am not happy the way the society is accessing my qualification. I am happy with my efforts but when other people pour unlimited expectations on me, I remain frustrated.

I am contented when it comes to contributing something to the society but I am not pleased with the response I get. I am happy the way I am but a change needs to be inculcated in me is what others think. Whom should I listen so as to be happy?

Dedicate your life to some larger goal instead of limiting it in yourself. When I read about any Nepalese prospering, I also get happy and want to attain the position they are in. That is my inner instinct and I get happy with all those things. That’s merely limited within me. And what you strive for yourself is happiness but not sustainable happiness.

I now want to serve people and want to bring smiles on their face through a positive initiation. I now want my nation to prosper and want Nepali to be the international language. I want to eradicate poverty and unemployment from my motherland as they are deep-poisoned in my soil. Thinking about those things makes me happy. How about trying them…..?

Be happy with what you have. I know that greed is the thing that has prospered the mankind from the stone age to this modern world but the time has come for an all-out war against greed. We will remain happy when we assume that what I have is what I should. I would then say develop greed not to fulfill your vested interest but for the happiness of others. Initiate once because experimenting is what makes you happy and life prosperous. After all, happiness is not what we pursue but it is what pursues us.

Stay happy. Spread happiness.

Question and Answer with Suman

1. Tell us more about you.

Presently, I am studying at GEMS. A class 10 student who is fond of writing.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

I knew about this competition through facebook and i just looked into it. The thing that fascinated me was the age limit. I was glad to compete with people who are higher in age than me and are more proficient. Competing with them may give me a lot of learning experience was the thought in my mind while applying.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

What ever I be in the future professionally, I want to be a good human. In the end, I want to be remembered not as a successful doctor or engineer or a pilot but a good person. 🙂

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

Don’t limit your writing in yourself but through your writing inspire others as well. Words can express a lot. Try to be the X-Factor that our society lacks. 🙂

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