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Gender equality

I don’t know if any day, by any way I can thank Nirmal? He is one of the bests among my earned ones. I am influenced by his every little way he does things. In big cities, they would probably name it love and complete the dance with romance but here in Tareygaun, I would like to call it a soulful gift greater than purity. Long back some years ago, he got me a chance to watch an English film in his townie Uncle’s Mobile phone. I was really influenced by a lady character in the film, she writes all of her hard feelings on a paper and puts it inside a bottle and throws in the blue ocean to be free from them. I wish I too could throw all of my feelings in the blues but the sentence ends in BEING A GIRL.

My Tareygaun is a small village on the lap of the great Himalayas. It is the place where hills ends and mountains starts or can be considered as the last hill to the mountains. But unfortunately the way to the top of the peaks doesn’t pass this way; it goes round the other way up being Okhreytar. Thus the soul of Tareygaun is left pure and untouched. The day of the people here starts with the sound of the cock as clock and then the warm rays meets the people at their work. Some with their stick and the oxen cultivate their field, some with their cattle heading towards the Tar. Women are seen with the Gagris on their waist, some empty and some full. Tareygaun is really sovereign. And I am the unhappy person of this happiest place. Tareygaun is beautiful but it isn’t complete.
Nirmal in some months will go to the city for further studies. They say, he should be a strong guy. A guy that has seen flows in the flaws, hills and the plains, nature and its laws. And everything won’t feel the same being the same after he is gone. The warmth of the same sun feels cold, the sweet gurgling of the Rani sounds noisy, the bird’s tease feels irritating on the way, and the howling of the wind feels strange. Why women are only confined to the dishes and the veggie garden? Why only filling and emptying the mud pot becomes the routine every day? Why does the Rani become the Mountains bar for us that across it is an only dream for us?
A saying runs as,” Only those suffer who are strong enough to bear”. And we suffer more than the man but why we aren’t equal as the man in the society. Telling this I feel that dishes and veggies garden are really tough than any other stuffs in the world as we are the strongest and we do so.
Even I know, a beautiful formulae to heaven up this place is to empower women but why don’t they do so. We play a half and a more role in this holy world but get a chance to grow only a fraction of the role. I sometimes wonder when the masculine society started. Who put it on the go? And has it really taken us any far towards the betterment?
Nirmal sewed a thought in me, and I am jealous for I couldn’t go like him exploring even the basics. And the only thing hindering everything is that I am a girl. Just because we bleed some days in month or because we give birth to our young ones, we lag behind the man in every aspects of our society. I don’t think if any day this letter of mine reaches the blue ocean or not but with a hope that gurgling Rani will sweep it to, I throw this to you and try acting of being relieved like the girl in the movie.

Question answer with Kshitij

1. Tell us more about you.

Namaste, I am kshitij kafley from Jhapa, Nepal. Academically, I just graduated B.E in Electronics and Communication from Eastern Region Campus, Dharan. Respecting everything that comes from deep inside is my greatest joy and I believe it to be one of the greatest driving factors of life.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

Rather than the feelings on applying to Wordism competition, I felt happy and proud that there are some minds and hearts that are encouraging the Nepalese Youths to life up there feelings with their words.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

To be a Gentleman in some of the fields that God had planned for me.

4. How do you feel being the Wordism Runner Up of Falgun

I felt good that the time I spent on collecting the words got some worth. It will definitely raise my confidence for future stories too. Thanks to you.

5. Anything you want to say about who is reading this!

Thank you for your time. Use it wise and healthy.

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