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  1. Often when we make a plan for a trip or travel, we think that destination is what matters. Same in life we think that if we reach some point or accomplish a certain goal, our life is fulfilled. Life will be good if we get this and that and earn this sum of money, all that stuffs.
    But just give it a thought, when you return from the trip or travel, all you think and remember is the things and experience you had during the journey when you reach the destination that’s all finished nothing. But you laugh at the moments you spent during the journey, all those small incidents, problems you tackled, fun things you did on the way, those foods and small kids waving at you.
    The same way life is all about the journey, there should be a destination, but you should know how to take the journey.

    Some people say nothing is in our hand, but it’s not true. How you want your life to be is always in your hand. It’s not about what you do but how you do it matters. Do something because you genuinely want it to, not because others want you to do. Always be a learner lifelong. Be humble. Give your hundred percent to everything you do and enjoy it. Life is a continuous learning process.
    It’s a gift, be grateful and enjoy it giving it a meaningful purpose.

    And be sure that when you are counting your last breath, you don’t regret a single moment of your life.

  2. Life means learning new things. Life changes everyday and it provides us to learn many new things. All we need is to make our life a platform for learning new things. We can learn and know about factors of happiness, causes of sadness, ways of success and many more.

  3. This is the most simple and complex question. When I was a teenager I used to think, I will discover the meaning of life. I thought like Gautam Buddha, I also need to go out of the house and meditate and find what life is and its purpose.
    I found out that there is no concrete definition of life and many wise people have already spent years trying to find its meaning and many already have their own version of the definition. Adding one more definition of mine, probably would not make sense.
    Then I came across one quote, “Life is not about finding yourself but creating yourself”. I read a few books where it was written that we are a sailor of this amazing thing called life and it’s our choice to create it the way I like. It was life-changing for me. It was freeing and scary at the same time.

    Usually, we woke and blame people, society, thing for many things that have been happening to us but that was the time I realized that it is our responsibility. We are the leader of our own life. We can create it the way we like, It’s all our CHOICE!

    Many things are not in our control but the way we react, behave in those situations are completely up to us. Many people want to deny this because it is a huge responsibility. After this, you can no longer blame other people or situations for things you have to go through in your life. .

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