Precautions for Using Electric Chain Hoist In the Rain


Nowadays, all walks of life are pursuing efficient construction. In the case of tight schedules, they will even supervise work day and night and work in rain. At this time, both workers and electric chain hoists and other hoisting equipment must take protective measures.

Because the electric chain hoist is made of alloy steel, once this material comes into contact with rain or moisture, it will have a serious rust reaction. If you don’t pay attention to maintenance work, its outer casing, chain, hook, and internal parts, etc. will be corroded, which will seriously shorten the service life of the electric hoist and reduce its performance.

In addition, the electric chain hoist is a mechanical device that needs to be energized. If it gets wet, it may cause a short circuit. Therefore, it is important to do a good job of waterproofing and rainproofing.

Therefore, when the construction period is tight, electric box protection measures must be adopted for the electric chain hoist during construction in the rain. It is also possible to install stereotyped border protection, stereotyped safety passages, and floor border protection on the edge of the building. This not only provides a good protection for the electric hoist, but also protects the safety of the construction personnel on site.

Precautions for Using Electric Chain Hoist In the Rain

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