Outdoor gantry crane and gantry crane working environment


Outdoor gantry crane has to be strong and safe enough to resistance the outdoor environment. When select an outdoor gantry crane, what should be noticed?Check outdoor gantry crane working environment notice and get most robust gantry crane now.
Outdoor gantry crane
Dongqi outdoor gantry crane company is often designed and improved with good performance of wind resistance ability. By its features of high-utility, large working range, and versatile functions, outdoor cranes enjoy high reputation in the world.

Double girder outdoor gantry crane

Classified by working occasions, gantry type crane can be divided into indoor crane and outdoor crane. Besides, Dongqi Company runs the business of all kinds of overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, and electric hoist for years. Centered “people oriented, business integrity” as business principle, our company aim to provide satisfactory service to customers.
Dongqi Outdoor Crane Parameters:

Outdoor Gantry Crane Working Duty: A4~A6
Outdoor Gantry Crane Loading Capacity: 0.5~320t
Outdoor Gantry Crane Power Supply: Cable reel, sliding wire or diesel-generator.
Outdoor Gantry Crane Lifting Height: 6~18m

Features of Outdoor Gantry Cranes

Taking the world-class wire rope on lifting device, high safety factor and long service time.
Hot-rolled pulley with high strength and good appearance.
Brake with large power and small volume, easy to adjust, and quick response.
Coupling is of good performance of damping and buffering.
The cab is firm in structure and spacious, simple operation.

Dongqi Company devotes to supplying best products and services to the clients, welcome to send inquiry to us if you have any questions.
Gantry Crane Working Environment
When select the outdoor gantry crane, the working environment factors should be taken into consideration.

Double girder outdoor gantry crane

Double girder outdoor gantry crane

Gantry crane is originate from bridge crane, but it mainly used outdoors. Dongqi Cranes gantry crane having high resistance to external environmental impacts; and the strong ability to adapt to external harsh Environments. But, what kind of environment in order to allow the gantry crane to maximize its performance advantages?

Here Dongqi Cranes introduce you to some work environmental factors to be considered when choosing gantry cranes.

 Climatic factor: refers to the use site high and low temperature, air humidity and dry. Directly affect the steel choose, and choice of the cable and the whole electrical part of gantry crane.
Windbreak factor: refers to the working site wind speed, in general 10.8-13.8m /s, the gantry crane should immediately stop operating. If wind speed is too large annually, gantry crane consider anti-wind design, equipped with anti-wind device.
Rainproof factor: refers to the use site gantry crane protection during rainfall, gantry crane lifting mechanism equipped with cover shed cabin, crane long traveling and trolley traversing traveling part motor and related agencies install rain cover. External cable equipped with threading pipe.
Anti-corrosion factor: most refers to the gantry crane use at the seaside, the air of use site have corrosive effect, gantry crane appearance with anti-corrosion paint.
 Hanging piece volume factor: refers to the shape and volume of the lifting object, which determine the choice of gantry crane, such as transporting and handling containers require using of the upper and lower vertical portal frame structure gantry crane. If handling long piece object, mostly use L-type gantry frame.
Wind factor. Wind also needs to be considered when the gantry crane is used outdoor for heavy wind may cause the falling of the gantry crane when no anti-wind measures is not installed. At the very end, the wind scale are presented for your reference.

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