Is need pan card for bank investment?


I am getting amount of Rs 60000. I have received this amount from LIC. I have paid the minimum amount for 5 years. I need to invest this amount for my daughter marriage. I can ask the post office and also bank. But both are getting rules and regulation as same. That is I will submit my pan card for investing the amount. I am not getting pan card in this time. Yesterday I have received the application from bank. And I need to apply with the same bank. It is very long process for me.

I need to wait for some days to receive the pan card. It is delivered directly to my hand.  My pan card is needed to cover the full name and father name, contact address etc. I am ready to invest the amount. But pan card is not getting ready. I am getting only acknowledgement number for applying pan card successfully. Please anybody guide me to apply pan card online. I need your helps for getting what is process is followed for applying pan card. I am joining with bank investment for future savings.

It is very easy to invest and also good to withdraw the amount. I am willing to invest the more amounts to the post office and bank for saving for starting the business. What are the important steps to the pan card application to be processed? Please explain here i am waiting here for your reply. It is getting normal level of processing and also follows the good options also. My friends shared their experience in applying new pan card; my pan card is needed to receive quickly.

So please tell me the way for investing without pan card. My friend is getting pan card acknowledgement number for checking the status also. What is acknowledgement number and how to check the supportive assistance for applying that? i need some of ideas and tips for collecting in online.

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