Human Hair Wig Caring Tips


The lifespan of a human hair wig is at least one year.

How to comb your wig?

Before washing your wig, you need to enthedder her hair. Smooth hair you can carefully comb with a wooden brush, starting at the tips. For frizzy, curly or wavy hair, it is best to enthedder your hair with a broad-zinc comm or your fingers.

How to wash your wig?

After untangleing the hair, we recommend that you wash your wig with special shampoo under lukewarm water. Do not let them soak, this does not do a human hair wig any good.

So that the wig retains its shine, you can use special wig balm, which you leave on for 5 minutes. Then you can wash out your wig and let it dry.

If you have a wig stand, you can let your wig dry on it. If this is not the case, place them on a towel during the time to dry. It is best to let them dry in an airy place.

Once your wig has dried, you can carefully dress it. If it is a wig with curls or waves, you can use curlers or a curling iron to refresh the hairstyle. For straight hair, a straightener is suitable. For straight hair, you can also use a straightener. Take advantage of the lowest temperature, these devices will damage your premier human hair bundles.

You can use a special human hair wig treatment before hairdressing, which builds and protects your hair. (This cure is not washed out).

The frequency of hair washing depends on several factors: how often do you wear your wig? How often are you used to washing your hair? What is the humidity? It would be ideal to wash your wig once a week.

In order for your wig to be preserved as long as possible, you should reduce the frequency of washing. An underwear hood proves to be very practical, it is enough to wash it in the evening before going to sleep.


How to stowed your wig?

Do not just leave your wig in fresh air: it is a dust catcher and attracts mites.

Before you clear them away after wearing them, let your wig breathe overturned for a few hours.

Before you stow your wig, lay it out with tissue paper, stretch a net over it and place it flat in your packaging.


The little extras of the human hair wig?

If you can’t find a shade that suits your taste, you can work with color. Both dyeing, and only making strands, is therefore possible. However, there is a risk of coloring the outfit. The color selection is endless!

They can cut the hair as they like. Be careful not to damage the outfit of the wig with scissors.

You can use both hair gel, hairspray or even spray hair color. Note: These products damage the wig hair as well as real hair. Apply in moderation!

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