How to install the ultrafine grinding production line


The ultrafine grinding series products developed by the company include LUM series, LM series and SCM series. Although their machine series and models are different, they have the same environmental protection level in the production of ore grinding powder, and they The implementation of the environmental protection measures of the production lines are the same, so the following editors will briefly introduce how these products are environmentally protected.
First of all, in order to prevent the leakage of ore powder, the ultrafine mill will adopt sealing measures when the production line equipment is assembled, that is, the front and rear equipment of the production line, except for the previous equipment of the feeding device, they are fixed by sealing, and the reason The grinding powder production line should be sealed, mainly because the grinding powder production system of ultrafine grinding is a negative pressure system, and the main role of negative pressure is to provide pressure for the flow of mineral powder, so that the mineral powder can The path flows without leaking.
Secondly, the aggregate devices in the ultrafine grinding powder production line are all cyclone powder collectors, and the reason for using this equipment is mainly because it is a device that is sealed around and open at both ends to facilitate the entry and exit of mineral powder. It also means that the mineral powder can only come from one end and then from the other end when collecting the powder. As long as the two ends are well sealed, the leakage of the mineral powder can be avoided, and this is an assembly requirement during our installation.
Finally, in order to avoid the leakage of mineral powder, the ultrafine grinding powder production line will install a dust collector at the end of the production line. The dust collector can be a bag dust collector or a pulse dust collector. The main role of the dust collector is to In order to prevent the mineral powder from leaking without being completely collected by the dust collector, the installed dust collector can collect the mineral powder that has not been completely collected to realize the complete collection of the mineral powder, thereby avoiding the air pollution caused by the leakage of the mineral powder.

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