How to choose the 4g gps tracking device that suits you


The 4g gps tracking device currently on the market is much smaller than the previous similar products, generally only the palm size, if you only install the basic positioning function, then there are many places to choose to install, if you need more anti-theft functions, the installation location There are few options, and basically all need to be installed near the main control, then car owners are faced with a choice, is to choose the anti-theft function is more complete, but easy to be found and removed by the thief, or choose to install in the car concealed The place.

There are two main types of 4g gps tracking devices currently on the market according to the power connection. One is with its own battery and does not require external power supply, and the other is with its own backup battery, which is mainly powered by the vehicle’s power supply.

The advantage of the former is that there is no need for wiring, it can be placed in any corner of the car at will, and it can be used for personal or valuable positioning. The disadvantage is that because there is no continuous power supply, it needs to be recharged for continued use after the standby time, and because it needs to be recharged, it is inconvenient to install it in a more complicated place inside the vehicle, so that every disassembly and assembly is very time-consuming and laborious.

The wiring type needs to be connected to the vehicle’s power supply line, so the person who steals the car can find the 4g gps tracking device along the power supply line and remove it. If other functions are installed, the installation of the 4g gps tracking device can basically be determined Location. Of course, you don’t have to worry that the 4g gps tracking device cannot perform its normal anti-theft function. If the vibration alarm function is installed, if the car thief does not use the car key to start the vehicle within a certain period of time after opening the door, the 4g gps tracking device will send text messages and dial calls. The phone sends a vibration alarm to the car owner to achieve the effect of real-time anti-theft. Because it is through text messages and phone calls, even if the car owner is thousands of miles away, he can know that someone is stealing the car the first time, and can make it the first time Relevant measures such as alarming or remote shutdown of fuel and electricity to prevent car theft.

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