Gantry Crane Brakes And Accessories


Henan Mine Crane factory is a one-stop source for Gantry Crane Braking Systems and Related Accessories. Henan Mine Crane is proficient in brake system design, selection, engineering, and packaging and possesses the experience and expertise required to provide a robust and reliable system for your Gantry Crane.
Complete Turnkey Braking System Solutions for Rail Mounted Gantry
(RMG) and Rubber Tire Gantry (RTG) Cranes

Henan Mine Crane can deliver complete solutions for your Gantry Crane, including the following products and services:

Industrial Brakes

Thruster Drum and Disc Brakes for dyanmic stopping and secondary holding applications
Fail Safe Caliper Disc Brakes for Emergency Brake Application: magnetic, hydraulic, or air released
Storm and Parking Brakes: rail clamps, wheel brakes, rail brakes, hydraulic released

Brake Accessories and Controls

Power Units
Wheels, Discs, and Couplings


Complete overhaul of brake movement, thruster, or entire assembly

Crane Controls and Material Handling Equipment for Gantry Cranes

Henan Mine Crane provides several products and services for Gantry Cranes, including:

Crane Wheels
Rope Drums
Conductor Bars and Cables
Crane Components
Custom Machined/Reverse Engineered Parts

Gantry Crane Services

Crane Upgrades and Modernizations
Certified Inspections

Gantry Crane Brakes And Accessories

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