Doctor or Agriculturist ? Should i go for Pride or Dream ?Doctor or Agriculturist ? Should i go for Pride or Dream ?


“I am currently a 12th passed student at india and i am preparing for mbbs entrance….but i started dreaming about being agriculturist and transform our nepal….being a doctor is a pride but internally i want to become agricultarist (bsc agri)…GIVE A STRONG POINTS TO NORTURE MY DREAM AND i want to kill d feeling to be a doctor”

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  1. See, the simplest thing to get into your mind is, if you go for your dream even if you fail I am sure you won’t regret it because at least you tried to do what you actually wanted to do but in the other hand if you go for pride and somehow failed you will have bunch of people to blame including yourself.

    But to some extent, as I feel, you never fail when you go for your dreams because it’s your dream, you will give your 100 or even 1000%, because you intentionally and heartly want to do it. You won’t care whether it’s day or night you will work for your dream. and if you are not willing to do it, think if it is really your dream? But choosing your dream will also come with lots of tackles and problems, be prepared for that too.

    And on the other hand, if you go for your pride and decide to become a doctor, you will always lack that inner-motivation. You might become a doctor but you won’t be able to give your best. You will get frausted and annoyed and blame each of the people for everything going wrong, which will hamper your health, status, relationships etc.

    And one thing about living your dream is you won’t care for the wealth or other kinds of stuff, you will be living your life fulfilling your dream and genuinely happy , you might not be the richest but trust me the satisfaction level you will get will not be able to be compared to trillions of dollars.


  2. Dear Confused,
    I really appreciate your thoughts and dreams. Often time, we conflict between what we want to do in life. You are not alone.

    A lot of people studies something and dreams about being something else. At some stage, people gets an awakening call which clears their confusions. Talking about you, what first drive you to be Doctor? Sounds like its not your first choice. I hope its not because of your family pressure either.

    On the other hand, Your dream to be an agriculturist sounds very rare and appropriate for our country Nepal. I bet there are very limited man power and resources in this field. You can definitely create a milestone in this area. I believe, the country is in need of people like you who are experts in agriculture as agriculture is the main source of economy in our land. Please do consider your dream and think about the things you can contribute in this field. If this inspires you, You can DEFINITELY GO FOR YOUR DREAM.

    Dear Dreamer, there is something else i want you to know when you conflict between your choice and dreams. People can suggest you and guide you and show you the possibilities they know about. And, then you can analyse their suggestions and consider your own feelings.

    Your instincts will always tell you what you want to do. Talk with people about your confusions but at the end of the day, its totally up to you what to decide for your future. Don’t rely on other people’s strong points to kill or nurture your dreams. Only you would know better whats the best for you.

    But yes, i would strongly recommend you to LISTEN TO YOUR HEART AND ASK YOURSELF WHAT SUITS YOU THE BEST. And where you can contribute the most.

    This answer is given by psychological counsellor Miss Sama Maharjan and this question is taken from here

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