80 ton gantry crane for sale


80 ton gantry crane for sale good price. The 80 ton gantry crane is for sale with flexible operation, high safety and reliable factors, etc. China gantry cranes with various designs to meet all your needs with 100% satisfaction. Check the Chinese 80 ton gantry crane now.

80 ton gantry crane for sale good price

80 ton gantry crane belongs to one of heavy-duty cranes series provided by Dongqi Group. With advanced possessing advanced technologies and a group of professional engineers and technicians, 0.5~320 tonnage gantry cranes with different structures can also be supplied by Dongqi crane service.
80 Ton Gantry Crane Parameter

• Span Length of 80 ton Gantry Crane: 18~35m
• Lifting Height of 80 ton Gantry Crane: 6~12m
• Trolley Speed of 80 ton Gantry Crane: 30~40m/min
• Work Duty of 80 ton Gantry Crane: A5
• Track Type of 80 ton Gantry Crane: QU80

Specifications of 80 ton gantry crane
80 ton gantry crane specifications
Features of 80 ton gantry crane

80 tonnage gantry crane has the features of smooth operating and high-safety.
Low noise and compact structure.
High-efficiency with large loading capacity.
Simple system to operate, and excellent services to clients.
Applying to advanced technology and high-level components.

Dongqi Hoist and Crane Company has accumulated rich experiences in decades of lifting cranes production and supplying. Dongqi Hoist and Crane aims on establishing long-term relationships with customers from all over the world in mutual beneficial and win-win cooperating aim. Please contact us for more information on the 80 ton gantry crane.

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