“I felt more fun than flying kites to gift those kites to her.”- Deekshanta Sitaula, Runner Up, Wordism, Ashoj

Writer: Deekshanta Sitaula

‘And another one is gone’, shouted Bibek, my neighbour, from his roof looking at the kite he had just detached. ‘Pull the thread brother, quickly!’ He ordered his little brother Barun.

I looked at the clear and serene sky which was now meditating like undisturbed lake of clean water with scattered fishes of colorful kites. Dashain was magically flowing in the air with captivating beat of Mangal-Dhoon and mouth-watering odor of juicy dishes. Every roof in the city was busy with flying kites and colorful dresses taking selfies. However, I was not feeling that much festive this Dashain. My family had to bear great loss of grandma’s death this Ashadh. So, culturally, we were not celebrating any rituals until the death of my grandma pasts one year. That’s why my elder brother Aayush was still in Banglore and sister Anusha hadn’t come home from Dhaka. All the day, one thing I could do was hanging on Facebook and reading those Dashain filled wall-posts on everyone’s wall (except mine).

Last year’s Dashain was superb when Aayush danced on the roof in front of whole colony wearing grandpa’s coat and cap. And the best part was when we brothers bet Anusha on card by cheating. She was like a two year old crying girl when she was badly lost. I was projecting all those memories on the screen of my mind. Because it was the only thing I could do to feel fun.

Even the kite-fights couldn’t amuse me so much. I went downstairs feeling oneself as lonely among the crowd. Mom was cooking meat and dishes in order to feel festive even though we were not eligible (ritually) to celebrate the Dashain functions. Dad was busy with his regular work on research papers. My lonely mind was troubling me so much that I finally decided to go for a walk around the colony.

I had just only come out of the door and there I saw an old woman opposite to the road by my house. Covered by the thin coat of smoke, she was airing the coal in order to toast the corn. A small worn out umbrella that was unable to cover all of the sunlight, hung above her. People were taking corns and she was offering them with sweet toothless smile. The nearer I approached her the more she reminded me of my grandma. Finally I reached her and she welcomed me with same smile. ‘Grandma, is corn still available in this season?’ I asked her questing about unseasonal corn. ‘I have grown some corn plants in my garden. From there it comes, son’ She replied with smile.

‘Don’t you celebrate Dashain?’ I asked her. She smiled at me. ‘It is the Dashain for me son. More people walk on this street during this time and the sales of my corn increases well.’ She was moving a card in her hand in order to air the coal. Her hand and clothes were full of the dust and ashes except her smile which was exceptionally shining. I asked for a corn and she was preparing it for me.

‘My two small grandsons are celebrating Dashain in our home. Today they have asked me to bring kite for them. And I don’t want to make them feel like orphan when they see other child flying kite in front of them. In my life, I have celebrated many Dashains. But for them, I am their Dashain nah!’

She served me the corn with same smile.

Mom called me for meal and I had to come inside. Before going to dining table, I went to the store and took the thread and wood with which we used to fly the kites. I bought two kites from my neighbor’s shop and went to her. ‘Grandma, it’s my Dashain to your grandsons.’ She was shocked with her flushed face and her smile at that time was unforgettable.

I felt more fun than flying kites to gift those kites to her. The cost of happiness I felt at that time is far more worthy than the cost of those kites. But she was really stubborn; she sent corn as a Dashain gift for my entire family members.


Question and Answer with Deekshanta

1. Tell us more about you.

I am a medical student currently doing MBBS in Chitwan Medical College, Chitwan. My hometown is Nuwakot. About me, I want to introduce myself as a learner of science and art. I love writing and have a great interest in music. Besides, being a medical student I am interested in nature of human brain and it’s secrets.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

I was so happy to go through this Competition while surfing the web. I thought it as a should-not-be-missed opportunity and prepared a story and submitted.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

I am interested in Human Mind as a field of my study. Also, I love art and creative tasks. So, I want to spend my life taking a wonderful journey in the field of my interests.

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

I want to say that “Art is a way of adding colour and fragrance to the life. So, let’s add some flavor of art in the recipe of our life. It becomes really delicious.”

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