How not to let “teenage syndrome” get to you

So you’re in your teenage years and crankiness seems to be your middle name. But trust me all these mood swings are mere side effects of all the hormones (at least I was told that). As, I’m leaving this crazy ride of my own teenage years, I look back and see all the things I could have done better. So if you’re going through any of those overwhelming extreme thoughts, just know you’re not alone. Here are few things you can make sure not to let this “teenage syndrome” get to you:

  1. Communicate: Some days I know it seems a Herculean task to just open your mouth and talk, whether with your family or friends. So your mother is asking you stuffs about school and you just lay there, with phone in your hand acting busy. In spite of that if you’re not really in the mood of talking, say that you’re tired. Seriously its 2 words, how hard can it really be? Talk; talk, because unless you do, nobody will really know what you feel. Talk with your mother, sister, best friend, anyone. The former has gone through it and the latter is in the same bumpy ride. Trust me, it works like therapy sometimes.


  1. Flowchart for depressing thoughts: They’re like plagues; waiting for right time to jump in and take over you. So your teacher said something about your bad handwriting, and you’ll find yourself in your bathroom floor, counting your flaws wishing you could just die right there. Don’t let these thoughts get best of you. Think about them; is one criticism really simple enough to break you down? In the end, chances are, you’ll realize you were worrying about nothing.



  1. Work on passions: So when you reach your teenage years, chances are you are aware of what you’re passionate about. In addition it’s a perfect time to work on them and polish your skills. Instead of wasting your time on random chats or watching TV, imagine what you want to be in 10 years and don’t just daydream. This is the time to work your ass off. Let your dreams not let you sleep.


  1. Don’t follow the crowd: I know it seems tempting to listen to some indie rock, find gothic stuffs and change your instagram feed into some b&w retro stuff just because others are doing it. You want to smoke your way through high school and get drunk at nights with strangers. Doing drugs may seem like a “cool” thing to do. But at what cost? You need to understand it’s not worth destroying yourself and jeopardizing what could have been an amazing future. All for the sake of fitting in.


  1. Laugh, laugh a lot: At last, you’ll always miss your teenage years. No matter how many birthdays you celebrate, nothing can beat your 16th and 18th years. So when you reminiscence about them, let only laughter and smiles fill you. Don’t let a rumor catch you in the web of insecurity or jealousy haunt you with hatred. Life is too short to live with any regrets and not laughing enough is worst of all.


Writer: Shuvangi Khadka
Shuvangi Khadka is an awkward young adult who likes to call herself “poetry enthusiast.” In between her torturous path to getting a law degree, she finds solace in writing. Being an avid reader you can also find her reading any kind of book in any kind of place.



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