Failure – “The fighter in me, tells me to rest, and come back stronger” – Surakshya Pradhan, Winner, Wordism Mangsir

Winner on theme Failure

The Failure

When I was in class one, I scored the highest in my class, back then, I didn’t quite understand what it meant. But, my parents were proud of me, and that made me happy. Like that, it was imprinted in my mind, that if I scored the highest, if I was the best, if I did what my parents liked; they’d be proud of me.

When I was in class 9, I failed my maths test, I was devastated, I cried; I cried not for the score I got, for what a disappointment I turned out to be for my parents. Every parent have high expectations of their children, and that is the biggest motivation a child can receive, that there are people, who, in fact do believe in their capabilities, but, a child also needs to know, to understand that, it’s okay. It’s okay to fail sometimes; it’s okay to not be the best sometimes. People aren’t perfect, but it’s important to give your best, regardless of the outcomes.

When you’re young, you have a perfect plan in your mind, how you’re going to this- this college after high school and study, work hard; in fact what could go wrong, right? Then, after four-five years of college, you get a job, work hard; save some money, buy a house, buy a car, go on those trips you always wanted to go, do all the things you always wanted to do. Sounds easy, right?

What no one tells you is, how each day of high school, or college, or job will make you weary, physically, mentally, even spiritually.

Half way down your college years, you probably will be fighting migraine, or anxiety, or depression; so, it won’t be only the degree you’re going to be fighting for, but you’ll be fighting with yourself, fighting to survive. And, when you’re given your best, all your heart, soul, sweat and time; but it turns out, you’re still not good enough.
What you need to understand is, the roadmap to life, the roadmap to success isn’t as straight as you’d thought it would be, some days you’ll shine in your glory, and in some, even your shadow will shy away from you. Regardless of everything going around you, or inside your imprisoned mind, believe in yourself, believe that you will be okay; you’ll be much more than okay. You will be happy, you will smile, you will laugh, you will dance in the rain, you will star gaze at midnight, you will be and do, everything you always wanted to be and do, only, if you believe in yourself, only, if you have the courage to fail ten times and try again, and again.

I’ve failed many tests, I’ve felt like a disappointment more times than I can count, I struggle with social anxiety and depression, the size of my struggles scares me, the future scares me;

but the fighter in me, tells me to rest, and come back stronger, to fight harder.


Question and Answer with Surakshya

1. Tell us more about you.

I’m Surakshya Pradhan. I’m currently studying Architecture. I enjoy reading books, laughing with my sister and my friends, I enjoy talks with deep insights, I love inspiring and motivating myself, and others.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition ?

I got to know about this competition through my friend, and I believe Wordism competition is a great platform for someone to share their thoughts and opinions, their creativity.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

I aspire to be successful and happy. I have four elder sisters, who have always been my role model and my biggest supporters, I aspire to make my family happy and proud.

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

To everyone who is reading this, if you enjoy writing, share you thoughts and opinions with the world. You, have the power of words, you can help others and yourself too.

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