A puberty by-product or a Psycho-somatic love? – Pratyush Sewani, Runner Up, Wordism Mangsir

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This is one of the Top-5 Articles of Wordism Competition on the theme Failure.

It was only me!

“Heat engenders an instrument to spread out”
That’s what the Linear expansion divulges,
and indisputably Heat and hot are equivalents ;
She asserted herself being blubber
yet doesn’t even notice the factual impetuses
behind the global warming and the polar Ice-melting

None understood the conundrum
of her cocoa-colored Hair
or perchance the justification was the big-bang
or something out of Einstein’s league
She dwindled the Energy-conservation theories
when She quivered her molecules of vocal cord
vacating no fashions anent how she augmented
the current when she enounced.

She ne’er elucidated the veracity behind
her flawless denticles
who will notify her ;
that we have exceptions in biology?
Our angles of elevation and declination superposed
and our oculus clashed.
Thancian to my hypermetropic orbs
for the lucid vista.

She waggled her consummated arms
from the auditorium in the 5th floor.
whopping my typical Indian name ;
I grinned with the agitation and waved her back
It entailed no time for me
to be smitten in her tenderness
a puberty by-product or a Psycho-somatic love ?
the question remained

So-Net was the mouthpiece from we mustered
She Appended me for some counsel
I wasn’t charmed for the introductory chats
Yesteryear also, I tumbled over a girl
but this time was contrary
The moment she said ” Hello ”
I didn’t foresee her seriousness
in my animateness
but now I am Crystal- clear.

No web-plots or google-searches endured
for the warmth tip-offs
No You-tube visuals left unturned
and No love-songs remained unchanted
She was the retort to my invocations
and the oxygen to zephyrs
She was an intact wonder-wall

They all questioned my cerebrum
bullying and criticizing apropos the calamity
ensued couple of years ago
yelling me a Psycho-path and a Piss off Human being.
but the verity was something unalike
I ne’er endowed gossiping to myself
like folks customarily said.
My companion gave the impressions of thunderbolt
when he cognized me waging my love to the fifth floor.

They pressured me to append in a sanatorium
with people with un-pigmented attire
and delirious comportment.
According to them
I wasn’t conventional
like an ordinary Homo Sapiens
They proffered some drugs
of gigantic sizes and insane flavors
two fortnights I lingered
and eventually recrudesced back home

I queried literally everyone I knew
about her
but they responded with ignorance and never before stupefaction
I forgot my So-Net password now
I can’t recite her name anymore
or perhaps I never knew her
but her image stitched under me
and will never leave
A failure of Love
A failure inside me!


Question and Answer with Pratyush

1. Tell us more about you.

I am a high school senior with an obsession of taking-in two atoms of oxygen,so I guess I am a ordinary homo sapiens sapiens.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

Folks oft say, ” Hoping for the best and expecting the worst”. Well, I was Informed anent this online-chances and competitions by something we call “world wide web” nowadays. My medulla went through a curiosity of hunting something through which I can entertain a reader with words I wrote.Fear me not,I never expected to be in the final five.Thank you to the YL team for giving these sorts of chances and opportunities for letting us to express something we wanted forever to.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

Well, Discussing anent my dreams,goals and yearnings is something like entering a black hole. A goal neither with a start nor with an end, Something I know an impossible drudgery to achieve yet no one knows the future. Inside those limitless drops of ocean, I want to overcome a life that doesn’t even matter if it turns cold. I always wanted to overcome a life which is no more than a dot to this cosmos.

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

Thank you for reading those boring words I wrote. Lets talk about politics.No! No! lets talk about science. No! No!
lets talk about literature, Yes literate the LITERATURE!. Jai Nepal!

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