Ever felt your soul being torn apart? Runner Up, Wordism S3, Jestha

A tale of a girl starts here, please pay attention y’all…

17 years old, an innocent beautiful girl,

Had a friend in her class, from a village real and small.

With that friend, she developed a bond very special,

Started to think and believe every fairytale was real.

With every bit of time, their relation got deeper,

Exchanged lovely gifts, bond got smoother and steeper.

20 years and a half, they got involved in affair,

College life, out of home, they were happier than ever.

Building the trust, they achieved such a closeness,

Breaking social barrier and loosening every harness.

She didn’t have an idea, she’d helplessly be deceived,

Devastated, fallen apart for the award she received.

She went there to meet the guy who she thought was hers.

Three more guys invited,

She was shocked and betrayed, her eyes got full of tears.

She was never that frightened and never that scared.

Too naive to know about those whom she had lured.

Beasts got near, she was touched, forced then ripped apart.

Not only her body, they torn her soul and her heart.

Neither was she alive nor was she dead.

Ruthless the condition, her home how’d she head??

Cops wouldn’t help her but point out her mistake,

Parents standing beside her even though what difference does it make?

All she want is justice, everybody should support her.

Media, laws and authorities would you please not oppose her?

That father raised his daughter in spite of struggle, loads and bags.

For heaven’s sake, she can’t be bought for fifty lacs.

Culprits being arrested, food and water restricted, hands and feet tied, on the floor must they lie.

Grant her a weapon, let her punish them, give scars everyday, make them feel the pain, let them approach the death but do not let them die.

Bipsana Shrestha Receiving Runner Up Certificate from Youth Legend CEO Sudha Subedi

Question answer with Bipsana

1. Tell us more about you.

I am pursuing nursing as a career currently a B.Sc. Nursing 4th year student at KMCTH, Sinamangal.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

When applying for wordism competition, I thought it would be a great experience to participate in such a competition where today’s youth can spend their energy wisely.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

I want to be a successful nurse to come in hand for those in need.

4. How do you feel being the Wordism Runner Up of Jestha?

I was really surprised and overwhelmed this time since I am able to be a runner up for two consecutive months. Thank you so much Youth Legend Nepal.

5. Anything you want to say about who is reading this!

To anyone who’s reading this, I’d wanna wish them luck if they’re applying for wordism competition. And I’d like to suggest them to apply to those who have not. Have a wonderful day.

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