In grade 7 the whole class laughed at me – Sushant Shrestha, Runner-Up, Wordism Mangsir

Failure and My Experience

I still remember my math teacher at school who usually used to bombard us with difficult and challenging questions. And the funny thing is that most of the questions that he gave us were unlikely to be asked in exam! That time we regarded it as nothing more than a mental torture but slowly as time has passed we have begun realizing its importance and I believe that like me, all my friends who are in different colleges are also thanking him from the bottom of their hearts. He could have followed the general trend of giving out the so-called important questions but he wanted us to be prepared not only to a face an exam but also to face the challenges of the future. So he made us solve a variety of thought-provoking questions. We were finding it hard that time and we even used to feel bad when others used to score the same marks by doing some important questions, however now everything is coming back to us in college and those small difficulties we had is making our life in college a lot more easier and happier. Solving these difficult and brainstorming questions enhanced our thinking capacity and it is benefitting us in a myriad of ways.

Life too is similar but succeeding in life is more essential than succeeding in a test and like getting through difficult questions ensures our success in a test, overcoming difficulties and failures in life will definitely make us stronger and bolder and will one day lead us towards our goals.

Like the heat brings out precious metal from ore, failures bring out the best within us. They make us stronger and teach us beautiful lessons of life more effectively than our bulky books. However condition applies. Failures becomes the pillar to success only when we learnt from it. If we do not realize our mistakes and keep on making the same blunder again and again then even failure will not push us ahead. Difficult journeys often lead to beautiful destinations. You cannot become a great swimmer by swimming in a bathtub. You need to get out from your comfort zone and try out your limits and break the ceiling that is suppressing you.
We fear and that’s why we fail. We fear the society, we fear that our friends might laugh at us and certain times others opinion too discourages us from doing what we want. But we must always remember that nothing is going to change unless we ourselves change them.

Years ago when I wrote my first essay on “Cow” in grade 7 the whole class laughed at me. I had written a pathetic essay and a friend sitting next to me made me feel even more disgraced by saying that even a grade 4 child could write better than me. However I choose not to be discouraged. The very next day I met my English teacher and sought his advice . I started working on my shortcomings and I began reading books as per his advice. Gradually I started improving and when I was in grade 8 , I published my first article in the “classroom” page of the Kathmandu Post. That was a big achievement for me. I started winning the inter -house essay competitions and in grade ten I even managed to win a nation level essay competition .However a lot of failures came across my way. My first article got published only in my 7th attempt and I continuously lost 4 inter-school competitions. There were times when I even used to feel that writing was not my cup of tea .In some deep carven of my mind , I had a strange feeling that something is stopping me but now I have slowly began understanding that It was nothing but my own thinking that was barring me from living up my dreams. That small failure in grade 7 triggered me to improve my writing and all thanks to it ,today I can at least pen down my emotions.

Once we stop letting our defeat get us down , we start rising high up , higher than what others can even imagine. If we go through the biographies of great men then we will be surprised to know that they too had to encounter several hurdles and failures ,a lot more than normal people.

We all are special in our own ways so there is no reason to get discouraged. The journey to success is long ,tedious and sometimes even troubling but never boring and monotonous. What I have come to realize is that we ourselves are the reason of our own failures. I too used to blame others but the autobiography

“Jeevan Kada Ki Fool” by Jhamak Ghimire,

completely changed my perception towards failures and life. Her struggle to write with her foot and her fight against the odds of life compels us for a sincere soul-searching and provokes us to give a thought to find out whether if the are conditions really adverse for us?

The first step toward learning from our failures is to admit our mistakes. Blaming can be an excuse but never a solution. Once we start investing the time we spend on criticizing others on realizing our strengths and weaknesses then our life will definitely become a way better. Believe that God has planned something big for your, follow your dreams, be patient and success will be at your doorstep. There is a small bridge between failure and success and only way to cross it is by being optimistic, hardworking and calm.
We can and we will!!

Question and Answer with Sushant

1. Tell us more about you.

I am currently pursuing my +2 at Saint Xavier’s College Maitighar in Biology stream . I love writing and believe in making a difference . My ancestral home in Gorkha but I was born and I have been living in Babarmahal, Kathmandu

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

I had thought that I would make it up to the top 5 , I just wanted to pour my feelings . The main reason why I applied to the writing contest was to get a feedback for my writing.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

I aspire to be a good person and a successful professional in my sector . I strongly believe in God and my hardwork.

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

To everyone who is reading this , I just like to say nothing can stop you from living your dreams , dream big and work hard . You yourself are our own heroes and villains , win your mind and you will win the world .I would like to thank YL Nepal for providing Nepalese youths such a fertile forum for expressing themselves . A great job that inspires budding writers like me.

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