Editorial and Community Rules


– You are welcome to submit articles, personal stories, opinions, photo stories and info-graphics.
– We don’t accept fictional articles. Your article should reflect the real side of the society we are living.
– You can share your article without sharing your name. It’s up to you to reveal your name.
– Your writing should be fresh and have never been published on any platform before.
– You should not copy and paste someone’s original writing.
– Your article should be of minimum of 350 words.
– Once an article is published in ylnepal.com, it cannot be republished elsewhere without due permission. Each republished article must give a link back to the original article on ylnepal.com at the beginning of the post.
– Regarding title of the article, Youth Legend team has right to choose final title and can edit the title you suggested.


– We want you to share your story, personal experience, opinion and voices.

Yet, We strictly don’t entertain post which directly attacks someone,groups,sexuality, beliefs or religion. We accept the difference in opinion but direct attack to any community or individual wont be posted.

We do reserve the right to remove any comment or post without prior notice, for reasons, especially to protect the rights of other community members and our services. These are guidelines only and do not place any obligation on us to act a certain way.

Rejection of submissions:
While our effort is to feature as many voices and opinions on, content that does not fit our community guidelines will be rejected.

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