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As a kid growing up; you often wander in your own thoughts and minds investigating each and every minisule things happening in our life. As a child; my upbringing was simple and decent. My parents worked day in day out just to fulfil all my wishes and needs just to put a smile on my face. And during those childhood days of living a innocent and blissful life with love and care; a constant question would always reverberate as an echo on back of my mind. What do you aspire to become when you grow older?? This question would create a seed of uncertainity and doubt which I am still trying to overcome, the ghost of it still lingers and follows just like a shadow.

During those times my easy answer to those doubts would be simple. When I grow up I would want to become a doctor. The reasons for this answer are still puzzling to this day. Was it because my parents preached me to be a doctor from an early age? Was it because every relatives and dear ones who would come to visit gave me a blessing to become a good doctor or engineer. To be honest I was too young and naïve to understand that as a child and what those answers would mean to my future and my dream. These are one of the many examples which young childrens go through where their dreams and aspirations are prematurely inscribed without giving it the time to blossom and grow. What I mean by that is the society and our culture are responsible for the killing of many a million dreams, even before they rise out from the infancy…

In “THE BALLAD OF READING GAOL” Oscar wilde contents “ Each man kills the thing he loves”. The poem then goes on to say “ the coward does it with a kiss; the brave man with a sword”. Perhaps the moral here with relation to the dreams are that yes our parents and our society are the reason for our existence. They are our living celestial deity, but are they also the reason for killing, extinguishing their childrens personal dreams and aspirations.. There are many cases which can be found out suicide cases, falling into depression etc etc. The question raises itself why ?  Its because we are afraid to be go against our parents consent, we are still trapped in the that pathetic old age thinking of what will the society say. Dreams resemble inner satisfaction, happiness. It is pursuing what we really want and what we want to achieve in our life..

As we grow up, we start to develop new taste and observe different horizons regarding life and our dreams and aspirations. Every kid starts to fall for something, something to  hold onto, something to live and die for. We search for happiness and we find it in our dreams and aspirations. It may be music, dance, acting, education, literature, business etc. For  me it was sports football to be more precise, ever since as an 8 years old watching the awe-inspiring hypnotizing brilliance of a certain Zinedine Zidane at the world cup held in Germany, I caught the bug that was football. From that moment on a dream was created, I wanted to be a footballer. Not that I was going to be successful at it. But now I had a dream something to hold onto I wanted to pursue a career in footballer, one way or another. It became a part of my life, from playing football at the  and at school  with my friends to watching every bit of action on weekends latenight, my dream was somehow my reality.Although it is also one of the reasons for my short sightedness which my parents often reminds me about.  Only I can understand about it because its my dream and I hope to achieve that implausible dream which is to cover the football world cup.  A dream is something which gives you hope  amidst the darkness and tragedy in your life. For that I will forever be thankful for Zidane and football in helping me to find a within myself. A question always comes forward, what has football given you? It has given me a purpose in life and a best and happiest childhood  one can imagine . A dream wheather big or small gives you the meaning and epitome of life.

If a person has no dream, they no longer have any reason to live.” Dreaming is necessary, although in the dream reality should be glimpsed. For me this should be the principle of life, as quoted by ARYTON SENNA.  Many of us may not know who he was but to the people of brazil he was a symbol of hope, happiness  and victory. At the time when Brazilian people were going through rough times in terms of economy, corruption, poverty and inviolence, he became a emblem for happy and victorious brazil. It was senna’s dream to help each other at the time of need and to make a difference in the name of humanity and mankind. He showed the power of a dream and fulfilled it. This is what dreams should be, not only for individual satisfaction and happiness but to do it for others no matter how small it maybe. In a country like our’s there is lot that we can achieve and give back to  our society. Aside from a personal dream every human must have a collective dream i.e a dream which helps create a difference in the lives of the people. A warm blanket on the hands of a woman sleeping the street , a 15 minutes spend with the elderly in the Pashupati bridharhsam or sharing your food with the hungry  childrens wandering on the street. What this does is it makes the other person happy for a short time and gives you inner tranquility, just like your own personal dream would give you. Dreams which makes others smile and which makes your living worthwhile are the dreams which we must aim for..

In life nothing comes on easy and your dreams are no exception. There are 3 most important things which my parents has taught me during my childhood which are humility, hardwork and faith. Dreams can only be achieved using these key ingredients for which there are no shortcuts or bribery. Taking inspiration from a scene in the movie “The pursuit of happiness”: You got a dream,  you gotta protect it .Don’t  ever let somebody tell you , you can’t do something  not your parents, not your society…. Finally dreams are like an oxygen , the moment it dies your life ceases to extinction….

P.S.{ no disrespect to society and our parents }

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