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Dear reader,
Let me start off with one the most clichéd yet true statements you’ll ever hear; life – life truly is a mystery; you never know what lies ahead of you. As we move ahead, in this harsh real world, it can be overwhelming just taking in what is around you. But fear not because that is how we understand life… There will be lots of ups and down, highs and lows but that is what life is, life is an adventurous roller coaster ride and the only way to go about it is to tackle it head on with confidence. There will be lots of moments in our lives where we are faced with tough choices all I can say is don’t worry my dear friends, cheer up, follow your dreams and run this race called life.

Make mistakes, fall down, it’s okay to fail, failure is just a stepping stone towards your success and until and unless you don’t fail you will never ever try something new. Never hold yourself, never look back. Don’t let anyone tell you ever in your life that you cannot do something, NOT EVEN YOURSELF. Do what you love the most in your life, you could be an astronaut, or a singer, you could be a YouTuber or a maybe even a rapper. Just follow your passion, follow what you love, work for it continuously, it won’t be easy and it won’t be quick, but as Bob Marley says, ‘If it’s easy then it never be amazing, but if it’s amazing it will definitely not be easy.’

My dear friends always DREAM BIG. “DREAM BIG”, not because it’s easy and definitely not because the word BIG seems so unattainable, but DREAM BIG because you can, because dreaming big, you’ll not only work towards it, to achieve it but you’ll create a difference in your life and at times when you cannot carry on remember that it was this DREAM that you had that brought you there, up to that point.. The sky is the limit and with proper preparation and determination, I proudly say NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. NOTHING.

Dear friends as you look back on this past year and recall all those countless wonderful moments you had, you’ll realize how difficult it is to say goodbye. Beloved friends, take a moment, look around and relive the moments, relieve the wonderful memories created, the wonderful friends you made, the people you met, the things you did and the horizons you broadened. Let us be thankful for we are who we are and where we are because of all the things that happened in our past. Always keep in mind the struggles that you had in the past and always move forward knowing that there indeed is something bigger and better ahead, and always carry a piece of past into everything we do next, to remind us who we are and we are meant to be.

Every New Year, every day in fact, brings us new opportunities; all we have to do is seize the moment and make the most out of it. My wishes to you this year, my urge to you, is that you learn to live life; you do no need all the glamour in the world to be happy. Just learn to enjoy the smallest of things, the subtleties and nuances of life. This New Year commit to bring a change in your life, something that you feel will make an impact on you, and don’t just commit to the change but have the will to continue and complete what you have begun. Dear friends, this New Year try looking at the bigger picture and how you are a part of it; learn to look beyond yourself and touch the hearts of others. This New Year reflect back on the past, be wishful of the future and strive tirelessly in the present in order to attain what you want. DREAM BIG, SPARKLE MORE AND SHINE BRIGHT, and trust me when I say, it will all be worth it in the end.

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