Experts Take: Dr. Rudra Raj Pandey – Indepth Interview – The journey from 100 rupees to millions

An Expert Take with Rudra Pandey


The world today, revolves around the web of technology. The wisest creature on Earth wants things done at the click of a mouse right at their table albeit, if technology has overruled human mind or is born out of it to create a techno-utopian world is and always will be a hotchpotch of concern.

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One of those erudite brains belongs to a well-known figure in the field of IT, Mr. Rudra Pandey. Born in 1963, in a lower middle class family in a village of Naubise, Dhading, Pandey is an established Nepali entrepreneur, currently working as Chairman and CEO of Deerwalk Inc, a healthcare analytics company based in Lexington, Massachusetts. He is also serving as Chairman of Deerwalk Institute of Technology and is a founder pioneer of Hamro Party, a recently established political party in Nepal.

Pandey, who holds a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology and a Ph.D. in economics from Northeastern University aspires to be an innovator in the field of education after already having been an IT sapient and political party pioneer.

“I want to integrate IT in education and we have already started the work from our Deerwalk School by recording the classes from grade 1 to 12 and putting it up into learning management system module to distribute to public schools in the country. This will be a powerful approach and I believe the government will support us in this venture to bridge the education inequity in the nation,” says Mr. Pandey, while sharing his vision with us.

Pandey had co-founded D2Hawkeye and served as Chief Technology Officer, which later became Verisk Health where he served as Chief Operating Officer prior to founding Deerwalk Inc in 2010 and Deerwalk Institute of Technology.

While sharing his success story with us, he stressed upon the fact that an action-led ambition is the key to success.

“Each and every one of us is a slave of procrastination. However, if you learn the tricks and work hard, you’ll get where you dream yourself to be. I never procrastinated but oriented myself towards action and my goal. Clean the clog in your head and keep learning,” adds Mr. Pandey.

Pandey shared an inspiring event of his life with us when asked about his struggles and experiences by far.

It was 1992, the year he tied knot with his girlfriend. Despite the oppositions from their families, they decided to get married after 7 years of relationship. Because of not being able to afford jewelry for their marriage, he had to borrow them from his friend. After a week, one fine morning his wife asked him to bring vegetables but his wallet was empty. He got on his bike, left his house and borrowed hundred rupees from a friend to buy vegetables.

“Back then, not having a hundred rupee note in my wallet was a hard situation. Now, I have to deal with transactions worth hundred thousands of dollars every month and often face problems likewise. You see, no problem is big or small. The money problem I had 25 years back and the problems I have to deal with today mean the same to me. I didn’t and don’t get stuck with any problem for more,” fills in the air with inspiration Mr. Pandey.

The trailblazer of Hamro Party adds how young Nepali minds are illuded with the notion that politics is a dirty game while if you see in the US, every child replies that s/he wants to be the President when asked about their aim in life. Youths of our country should be determined to be the trailblazer of politics, of this nation.

“People should distinguish politics from charity. The ultimate goal of a political party should be to capture the power and if you are compromising in the middle, you are not a political party at all. None should or can buy votes. Invite votes from your message not from charity,” says Pandey satirically while talking about his recently registered party Hamro Party.

ONE LINER WITH Dr. Rudra Raj Pandey

Life is beautiful.

Love is forgiveness (after a long pause).

Money is temporary which is why one should strive to make more (laughs).

Happiness is everything.

Youth is all that you have in your mind.

To be a leader means to like people.

It is for everyone.

It is working hard and learning.

Favorite place:
My own village, Naubise.

People I admire most:
Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. I admire people who can control the ring staying out of it.

Before I die:
After 50, every day is a bonus and I have already done what I need to do.

Work hard and don’t give up until and unless all the alternatives die.

How do you define yourself?
I am a simple Nepali and a father of two daughters. I am someone who is not afraid to take risk, someone who doesn’t fear of falling down. I started from scratch to reach where I wanted to be and if you start from low, you have nothing to lose. You don’t have to be afraid of losing anything.
How do you see your life now?
I am happy of wherever and whatever I am. Unlimited desires never get fulfilled. I don’t have any such wants and I am content with what I have today.
If you were 25 years old now, what would you be doing?

That would be right after my graduation and I would probably be working for someone and thinking to establish a company of my own someday.

Looking back, where do you see was the turning point of your life?
When I started my first company, I quit my job and it was very hard to make money in the beginning especially, when you don’t have connections around. People wouldn’t trust small and recently opened companies and it would make it harder to get established. Nevertheless, I continued to strive hard. That was the major turning point of my life.
What is the success mantra of your life?
There is no success mantra as such. There’s only hard work that can tread you to success. With hard work, you learn tricks to get there. (Ek Thakkar Chaudha Buddhi). Challenging yourself, being inspired from your role models and working hard to achieve your ambition is the only success mantra of everyone’s life.
What was the biggest challenge in your life and how did you overcome it?
I believe challenge is when you have hurdles and you don’t look for alternatives to get away with it. As for me, I have never hung onto an obstacle or problem for more. I’d rather choose another alternative and think positively. I mean, you should not compromise your happiness, should you? Figure out alternatives and move ahead.
Who is the most influential person in your life?
My wife, Muna. She has always been there for me. She taught me a lot of things in life. She taught me how to talk, how to dress. The seven-year long relationship turned marriage has helped a lot in making who I am today. During the initial days of our marriage, we weren’t well off but after 25 years of marriage now, we stand as one happy couple.
Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
Ten years from now, I’ll still be the trailblazer of our political party- Hamro Party. I expect it will have many good leaders and I believe it will grow big. I will be staying out of the ring and watching over what’s happening inside the party. I will also be working in the education field integrating IT in it.
What is the vision of Hamro Party?
The vision of Hamro Party is to get to the power and change everything in the country. Though our country is small, we have everything we need here from manpower to resources. All we need now is the vision to utilize what we have. Hamro Party has that vision.
What is your message to youths and young entrepreneurs of Nepal?
We are a great country with immense resources. Entrepreneurship is seen everywhere in Nepal. Even a small shop is bred from the idea of entrepreneurship. Young people should work hard, learn tricks and take risk to foster ahead. I am against the traditional entrepreneurship concept that says never to give up. I believe one is free to give up and should give up but only when all the alternatives die. Until then, you must keep going and experimenting with the alternatives.



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