Don’t Preach but Practice Equality – Shristi Khanal, Runner Up, Falgun, 2074

“Mom ,I have a night party with my friends on her birthday tonight. I shall be late back home.” A voice of a daughter.
To this her mom replies,”Don’t stay upto late night. It’s not safe for girls. So I want you home on time.”
Another day a son tells the same thing to his mom .Mom replies easily,”Sure dear.”
A difference exists in this very saying.
May be not necessarily referred to as gender inequality as there’s a security concern .However this is suppressing a girls desires and rendering her weak to face situations that she can come across.

Immediately after a child is born in a family ,the roles are fixed based on gender. Gender inequality exists since the birth and in some cases when the child is inside womb leading to abortion.
Providing equal opportunities and resources regardless of gender is the main theme behind gender equality .This situation however doesn’t merely exist at every sectors from households to social sectors .
When a daughter is eligible to marry,around 20 to 23 years ,a groom is searched for her who is 5-10 years older .This is also a question to gender inequality. Maybe it’s a concern of maturity and potentiality to bear a family life . Isn’t this unfair for girls? She has to live a life under the decision of her husband and her ideas are less taken into consideration. She has the ability to lead a family too but her parents don’t believe that she can and feel happy giving her to someone of older age . Gender inequality is not just a concern to the illiterate groups of people but also prevails among the well educated community in these cases. Our patriarchal society believes that a man should lead in every rituals from birth to death .
It’s women and young girls who are mainly the victims of rape, genital mutilations and witchcrafts which are the cases reported very frequently in different parts of our country.

Talking about the political and social sectors the general trend is providing women with 33% of total seats in the governmental sectors so as to ensure their participation .This is a positive step and women should not only compete for the 33 %quota granted but also for getting the 50%to maintain equality .

Gender equality demands justice to all.
Inspite of the policies made and organizations established to promote gender equality, there are many situations when the whole society claps their hands on seeing a girl being beaten in the name of witch .This is the recent case that occurred in Bara district. Practice of gender inequality has so deeply been rooted into our society that uprooting needs a generation of people who can completely change the situation.
The concept of gender equality can only be established if women develop the feeling that they can lead independently and the menfolks assist them on doing so rather that dominating them .
After all
Both women and men are the pillars of nation,
The ones to give continuity to generation.
Collaborative effort is needed to maintain gender equality,
Providing satisfaction to all to live a life of quality…..

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