The Desire to Explore Paradise – Nischal Bhandari, Wordism Runner Up, Mangsir

The Desire to Explore Paradise

Grandpa, lying in bed due to extreme illness, had once said that, with shivering cum tired voice, his final desire and destination to be in Heaven. As a child, I mapped ‘heaven’ as an ‘exquisite place bestowed with power’ which can transform sufferings and agonies into blessings and ecstasies. I together with my friends had dreamt to find and reach in heaven as we grow up. While lying on the lap of my mother, once I had asked her, “Ma, where is heaven? Have you ever been there?” Staring quietly for a while, she had told me that heaven is there where lies lots of temples, Gods and Goddess, beautiful valleys and amicable people. Several times, I have been baffled with interior and excruciating curiosity about heaven and pathways to reach there. My desire to reach heaven was escalating on daily basis, however, I often felt heaven as a distant and difficult place to approach.

The jump from childhood to adulthood had invited new and precise perceptions about heaven refining initial fantasies. I realized that heaven was always where I had stepped and breathed and will be always at everyplace I will land in Nepal. Since my childhood, I have been around wonderful people with benevolent and kind heart releasing amorous waves of fraternity and mutual understanding. This tenet of we-sense has been replacing Illness by Wellness among the diverse group of Nepalese people. We, Nepalese, find God in every new face steeping in our courtyard. The soft and sweet voices I have heard, warm arms I have hugged, and beautiful faces I have smiled at convinced me the presence of heaven within Nepal.

Sometimes, I feel trapped by adversities inside bustling environment of Kathmandu and determine time to visit Swayambhunath and Pashupatinath temples. They serve me to provide inner tranquillity and serenity and I feel refreshed being around these spots. Likewise, many people visit such temples around Nepal like Janaki Temple, Muktinath, Bouddhanath to reduce inner-lying traumas. So, I still found my innocent definition of heaven as the place to transform sufferings and agonies to blessings and ecstasies to be sagacious.

I proudly can narrate Prithivi Narayan Shah who had integrated small and separate states into united Nepal and heroes like Amarsingh Thapa, Bhimsen Thapa and so on who patrolled our national sovereignty. Chasing the evil powers and external-dominance, our national heroes have made this land a heaven. The apotheosis of our queer identity as an independent nation since its existence has created fragrance of pride and power among us. The birth of Lord Buddha, the apostle of peace, have made this land even more sacred.

The richness of art and history, the blessings of nature, and profuseness of cultural and religious harmony are those possessions which craft heaven in Nepal. As I have delved deep and understood the presence of heaven around the territory of 147,181 sq. km, extending from east Mechi to west Mahakali and from altitude of 59 m ( Musaharniya, Dhanusha) to the altitude of 8,848 m (Mount Everest), I have a desire to experience every portion of it with my family. Now, I don’t ponder about whereabouts of heaven as in childhood but still, possess burgeoning desire to explore heaven and its commodities. I know I still have a lot of portion of heaven to experience, lots of purity of mountains to feel, relentless flow of more than 6000 rivers, rivulets, streams, and lakes to observe and wonder about, and lots of memories to gather. Only then, my eyes will gleam with joy and heartbeat will surge with excitement glancing and feeling the amalgamation of culture and nature throughout Nepal. Jay Nepal.

Question and Answer with Nischal

1.Tell us more about you

I am an ebullient learner, an avid reader, and a multi-passionate person.

2.What was your thought when you applied to Wordism competition?

“Wow, the theme for this month is, intensely, enticing. Why not make it more astounding?”

3.What are your dreams and aspirations?

Being challenged to make change is my greatest motivation ever. Public health, Environment, empowerment and literature are the sectors where my dreams feed up.

4.How do you feel about becoming the Wordism Runner-Up for the month of Mangsir?

It’s nice. Literally, to be praised for what you are deeply engaged in is ultra-exciting.

5. Anything you want to say for who is reading this!

Your enthusiasm, engagement and energy matters: merely not to you but also to your circle. Know your reason to be, meaningfully, alive.

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