Clouds of a Menacing Daydream- Sulav Ratna Bajracharya, Runner Up, Ashad 2075

I’m probably asleep under a wide awake sun mid-day
Bursting clouds from null like scribbles drawn into air
One sheep, two sheep, three sheep
In this one-horse town, I’m now a King
These clouds fill with lavish dreams of mansions
Riches, chandeliers; now I live in high castle

Above the very clouds, I put my dearest palace
There I painted a garden with fountains flowing champagne
Is it a little too much?
-I’m a King; I get to do what I desire

It was all so nice~
The gold, the crown, the throne
My roses were blooming in a diamond vase
I was absolute
Greater than the greatest; richer than the richest

But everything scrambled when I looked down under
There was darkness, everything fading with thunders
There were screams
And despair
Everyone clattering chaos
Everything running riot
Agitated in anguish
Crumbled in crisis
Human bodies aligned in sorrows
Blood had been shedding in slaughters

I had lived among clouds for a little too long
Unconcerned to the world I’d previously crashed from
Now, there I tremble to behold before my eyes
Cracks in the globe I can no longer restore

Countries divided, brotherhood discarded
They’re bombing unity with vain terrorism
Letting children breathe in chemical gases
Soon they’ll be suffocating to innocent corpses

The world is contaminated
Once a river, now there flows blood thick in red

Upon this gloomy world built on war
I stand helpless with riches crossing radars
I’ve lost to this witchcraft
My powers have now lost every part

I’d put my brothers up as collateral
For the beguiling vanity within clouds and mansions
For here, I know I’m a captive
My ransom outrageously excessive

Now my sins remain vile
Neither to be set free nor be condemned to die

I wish I could wake from this menacing daydream
But now I’m trapped in my own clouds of narrative

Question answer with Sulav

1. Tell us more about you.

I am Sulav Ratna Bajracharya, just another regular guy passionately daydreaming of extraordinary. I am currently
doing my third year of Bachelors in Health Care Management. Although sort of a reserved person, I like to keep an open mind towards everything.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

To be honest, I just happened to stumble upon Wordism by chance while googling. But then as I explored it, I thought ‘Hey why not give it a try’. Also, giving my words an extra pair of eyes and ears to witness was something
that had stroked me while applying.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

Would it be too naïve to say a major dream of mine is to scream on a Coldplay Concert? Nonetheless, I do aspire to work as a social activist and be more vocal with my thoughts and imaginations.

4. How do you feel being the Wordism Runner Up of Asad

I genuinely feel thankful towards ‘Youth Legend Nepal’ for giving me such a platform and opportunity to express my
thoughts. Although not much of poet, I did try to convey a message through my short poem which by the way I wrote
while contemplating over the recent Syrian War. I feel really happy to have been heard.

5. Anything you want to say about who is reading this!

I know it’s much easier to write stuffs down and read them aloud than actually getting them done. But hey, your
positive mentality is what will always have an impact on everything and everyone around you.

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