Change: A Love Story of a Geeky Guy

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Gazing at the stars in the sky, Ankit is lost in his deep thoughts. He has always loved to watch the panoramic view of the setting sun during the dusk till the sky is illuminated with twinkling stars. He has always appreciated the change Mother Nature would undergo; when the dusk would be accompanied by dawn; when the shed trees in the autumn would be bestowed with the blossoms in the spring or when the ugly caterpillar would hatch into a beautiful butterfly. All these phenomenal changes are very appealing to him except the change undergone by his beloved Suhasi. It has been almost a year since he hasn’t heard from her.

Suhasi was Ankit’s junior in his high school. Ankit was the role model of his school. He was the topper of his batch. He was admired for his talent and conduct. Suhasi, on the other hand, was an average girl in terms of study but with an appealing, enchanting looks. One day, she went to the library with her friend Rinky to return a book. She saw Ankit who was busy studying. She tried to take hold of his attention by talking very loudly and giggling with her friend. Ankit turned back in rage, but the geeky guy felt a surge of adrenaline through his body when he saw her and couldn’t utter a word. Suhasi felt her mission to disturb a nerdy was accomplished and went back with her friend.

Ankit couldn’t stop thinking about her even at home. Her pretty face was flashing in his eyes. He regretted not asking her name. As he was scrolling his facebook home page, he noticed the blue badge in the facebook friend request button had turned into red. His happiness knew no bounds when the request was from the same girl with whom he had a crush in the library. Nervous and excited at the same time, he accepted the friend request but didn’t dare to initiate the conversation. Instead, he persuaded himself to open Physics book in order to concentrate on his studies.

Suhasi took a step forward to open up a conversation with him. As the time passed, they became very good virtual friends although they never talked live. They would chat late at nights and were addicted in their deed. One day they decided to meet out from the chat room. They chose Hot Breads as the venue to start their first live conversation.

Ankit, who once tucked his shirt in his cotton pants, was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of jeans that day. His change was so flamboyant that his friends started teasing him if he was going on a date. He blushed and said it was just a meeting and nothing more than that. Not only that, he started becoming more active in facebook even at nights, his facebook walls would be decorated with some poetry romantic statuses. In fact, Suhasi’s entrance in his life had changed him a lot.

They met in Hot Breads as planned. Ankit was so overwhelmed by her beauty that he couldn’t utter a word. Finally, Suhasi broke the ice to start the conversation. They had some chitchat but not as much in their virtual world. After a cup of coffee, they bided goodbye. Ankit got restless after reaching home. He felt as if he halted a lava flow from an erupting volcano because of his lack of expression. He really wanted to deliver his ever-growing feelings towards her. He took his phone and started typing.

Suhasi, your absence makes me cold
For these feelings inside me,
I can no longer hold
Naive am I in this subject of love
Will you be my friend till I am old?
PS: I couldn’t hold my feelings for you. I love you, I really do…

After clicking the Send button, he felt he had removed a ton of load from his head.

She accepted his proposal and vowed to hold his hand till they were old. These lovebirds spent their amazing days together. They dated in different places of Kathmandu. They planned their future together. Ankit even helped Suhasi with her studies. They sat in the library for hours and Ankit would guide her and teach her tough Physics problems. As time passed, the day to bid farewell for 12th Grade students came. They were both very sad as life was going to be hard for them as they wouldn’t be able to see each other daily.

Ankit started his undergraduate in Physics. Despite his hectic schedules, they managed to add a milestone to their relation with growing intimacy. After completion of her High School, Suhasi wanted to go abroad for her further studies. Ankit was convincing her to stay in Nepal but she had made up her mind. Ankit respected her decision and said he would be with her in any circumstances.

After her High School, Suhasi gradually deviated from Ankit. She barely replied his texts and most of the times she pretended to be busy. She always had one or the other excuses when Ankit asked her out. The girl, who once never slept without listening to his voice, stopped receiving his calls. She blocked his number and blocked him in every possible social medium.

The disappointed boy then barely attended any lectures. He seldom talked with anyone. All he did was sit and wait for her text. His looks were like some yogi with long hair and beard. He tried all possible means to get back to her. He called all her friends but none of them knew where she was. Once he waited on the street outside her home to give the last shot. She behaved like a total stranger and drifted away from him as if he was some abominable creature. Disheartened he went back and questioned himself if she was the same girl with whom he had cherished beautiful moments in past and planned his future. Days passed, his hopes of getting her back faded though he desperately wanted to ask her

“Suhasi, are you the same girl I’ve loved? Why have you changed?”

Trying to move on, he erased all possible memories that would remind him of her. It included the souvenirs she had given to him, their pictures together and her texts.

One day as he was looking for his textbook in his cupboard, then his eyes caught the novel “The Fault in Our Stars” which Suhasi had suggested him to read. He just flipped the pages thinking about her. Then he found a faded rose. He remembered the moment in one of their dates when Suhasi had kneeled down and proposed him giving a red rose. She had said “Since we haven’t had an official proposal, I want it to be different. I might be the first girl to kneel down and propose a guy with

“Since we haven’t had an official proposal, I want it to be different. I might be the first girl to kneel down and propose a guy with red rose but you are really worth it Ankit. I really do love you.”

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he remembered that moment. The fresh and fragrant rose had also changed its colour and smell. His life enriched with immense charm and colour due to Suhasi’s presence was now gloomy and dull. He compared himself with the faded rose and cursed the time that is responsible for all these changes.


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I am a final year engineering student, studying in Bangalore. I love to travel to new places.

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I saw about wordism competition in facebook. I just thought of giving it a try.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

I dream to become a potential engineer and contribute towards the betterment of society.

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