I was born IMPerfect – Bibek Chalise, Runner Up, Wordism S3, Falgun

“Without HER even the HERO is 0.”

“You must be a perfect lier, you told me I was yours. I was perfectly fooled by your kind words, I was fooled by your wrong truths, I too was fooled by your fake smile. Am I foolish or you an outstanding lier. I must be foolish cause I trusted you blindly every time. I must be foolish cause I never tried to recheck our relationship which was floating in the sea of lies. I never doubt your smile neither I ever meant to check that feeling I had for you. You seriously can’t be wrong because I admitted that I am the one who was wrong.You called me the flower of your life, but plucked be from the ground destroying every part of me with such cruelty. I don’t know why am I smiling this very tense moment, probably because I understand the harsh reality of my life.

Ok! I am living in this 21st century where relationship is just a name, feelings are shame, love is a game, trust is sin, and falseness is fame. I am in such a century of human civilization where emoticons are more powerful than emotions, where social networking sites are valid but not the society. Such a irony! Such a pity!
“”What you just called me, a slut? Why only slut? You can also call me whore. These words, you been calling me all the time, look you are red-faced! I caught you. But don’t worry, I am used to it. I am proud to be called slut and whore. That defines that being with you makes me slut and being with me makes you stud. I know how it feels to be killed just by eyesight. That perfectly portraits your level of using a word, that values you.”

I was born IMperfect, I was born out of thought, I was born as a symbol of despair, I failed when I was born, I couldn’t bring triumph to the society. And I am ready to accept that though that was the mistake of those innocent looking chromosomes. I been living imperfectly, I am living in confinement where everyone around me seems to be happy that I am developing my wings but at the same time is not allowing me to fly high. Sadly, I too am ready to accept this cause I know what IMperfect means.

I told it already, I was the one who is wrong an you can’t be wrong. You’re the ruler, you are the one with power, you are the creator. Oops! Sorry mistaken, I forgot I too had a little role in creation of new generation, I hope you can accept this or shall I hide this part under the tombstone. You’re the soldier who bleeds in border for the protection of motherland but what about me bleeding for the protection of generation.
I am all ready to accept everything until a point, when that limit crosses, my limit of acceptance will eventually come to end. I am ready to be deaf and dumb until I am shown naturally and biologically weak. But when it comes to self-pride, self-esteem you don’t have right to snatch it away from me. You call yourself man and boast upon your manhood, shame on such manhood without humanity, without spirituality. I hope you make same vulturous eyes to your sister’s and mother’s body. You can’t make me weak; you can’t whitewash my self pride, you just don’t ever dare to kill my inner me. If you can’t accept a word “”No””, then I must and will fight for myself, I shall and will show the violent side of me. Please don’t take my silence as my ignorance, I know I can be the goddess of victory, goddess of aggression. If I can be the creator, I can be the destroyer, if my feelings for you can be immortal, then I can also lead you to mortality.”

Gender and sex are complementary words but we all are feeling the difference. The theories have been updated in the courses but when it comes to practical approach, the gap is still too big. We know, Male and Female differs by word, FE, so she can be the Iron (Fe) Man (Male), if given proper opportunities. She is not weak, she is just not given proper opportunities. She is as strong as she needs to be, so she will only be in the proper sunlight whenever she is treated as a male child of family, when her monthly period is taken just as a natural process, whenever the terms witch is eliminated from our dogmatic mind, whenever the short dress she wear is a symbol of comfort for her.
The society is changing, people are changing, we are changing. That means the way we think is and will change over time. Gender equality was yesterday’s concern, today concern but tomorrow there will be nothing like the term gender equality because there will be no need of such term, he and she will be treated equally both in personal and professional walk of life.
She will be liberal to make a move as she want, she will be confident to walk alone at midnight without a single dot of fear. She will be she what she potent to be, she will totally be the ideal girl.

Question answer with Bibek

1. Tell us more about you.

I am Bibek Chalise, from Gaindakot Nawalpur. I am currently pursuing Computer Engineering at Paschimanchal Campus, Pokhara. I love computers and technology and more than that I love writing. Writing has been my passion for the last five years. Fiction is the genre which I love most to write about.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

I always wanted to share my writing in a big platform and when I knew about Wordism on Facebook, I thought to give it a try, I just thought that my writing will be evaluated among the writings of others across the country having the same love for writing like me.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

I believe that dreaming is the first step for innovation. I want to be a computer engineer who can bring change through Technology and when it comes to writing the same dream applies. Basically, I dream of making my hobby for writing and my love for computers go together parallelly. I dream for innovation, I aspire to change, I wish for a better tomorrow.

4. How do you feel being the Wordism Runner Up of Falgun

Winning always feels great. And being Wordism Runner up for Falgun among many others has given me enthusiasm and motivation to write more and more.

5. Anything you want to say about who is reading this!

Whoever is reading this, I just want to say that follow your dreams, do whatever you love the most. Success is not possible in a day, always give your best shot and definitely one day you will strive the best version of yourself.

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