Annapurna Sampurna 2nd YL Cup Corporate-Non Profits Womens Futsal Tournament, 2019

After successfully organizing 1st Corporate Nonprofit women futsal tournament on September 29, 2018 bringing women in corporate sector and Non profits together receiving great feedback, we are organizing 2nd Corporate & Nonprofits Women Futsal Tournament 2019 on Saturday 18 May, 2019 which will include sixteen to twenty teams from different IT companies, NGOs, INGOs,Bank and non profit organizations.

“Firstly a very big THANK YOU to youth legend for organizing Corporate and Non-profits Women Futsal Tournament. The initiation of Women’s Futsal Tournament taken by Youth Legend has helped women to explore more rather than just staying within the boundaries of Household and their professional sectors. The enthusiasm shown by the participants towards their game has also proved that this was a much needed initiative. Talking about our team, although we had a very less time to practice all the team mates showed their spirit and team work for the common goal of winning.” – Participant of Bank of Kathmandu, Corporate and Non Profits Women Futsal Tournament

Feel free to contact us if you want to be the part of the tournament from your company/organization.

In Nepal, corporate and nonprofits level sports tournaments are often organized for male only. We realized that working women in different sector also need such platform where they can come together through the medium of competitive sports, compete, win, and develop network and bond with each other. Research shows that participating in physical competitions like football help women to have better mental health, higher self-image and confidence levels, improved teamwork, leadership and communication skills, increased work performance, that can lead to achievement and opportunities in their career and work.

“This is a great initiative. Competition like this brings unity. What youth legend started with this kind of competition bringing women from different field together is a really good step for women, for women empowerment. Thank you for this motivation.” Participant of Team Log Point Pvt. Ltd

So, common ladies lets play futsal. Many of the players who played last time actually practiced for the 1st time to play the tournament, so you definitely need not to be the regular player. Why should only boys have all the fun right? As mentioned above any corporate, NGOs, INGOs, Bank and non profit organization can participate as a team in this event . If you have any queries u can call us at 01620033 or email us at or

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