My Friends On Facebook – Amita Karki – Runner up, Wordism Competition Asadh

Writer: Amita Karki

“My friends on Facebook”

“Friends in a need is a friend indeed.”

It was my facebook status few months ago.I rarely update any status in my fb account.Rather i do check news update about my favourite celebs,social pages and many more entertaining pages.And these social entertaining pages & groups in fb are the major mediums through which i prefer to make new friends.The likes and comments in such pages creates a link to start a new friendship in facebook.

Let’s not count the known faces of my fb friend list,whom i have personally known.Here i would like to mention about the remaining ones.I would say i have few good friends in fb with whom i can open up myself to limited extent.Though being a girl,I do think number of times before accepting the request of new friends as i read lots of news and confessions of getting trapped through fb strangers and getting serious trouble in life.Being alert from all these issues and incidents,I am much more concerned about adding unknown people.Facebook,with no any doubt is the popular social media to make new friends from around the world and every people have easy access to it.Apart from all this,it depends upon oneself to choose friends as per our choice and wish.

My friends on my facebook are known strangers.I portrait my image to them as much as i want and they do the same as mine.Neither they know the real me nor do I.It clearly depends upon me to fake my real face and let them believe the things which i want.It not really important for me to present the real me.So there,they exist just in my fb friend list.They are there with no proper reason but chatting with unknown strangers helps to feel good sometime.

Question and Answer with Apekshya

1. Tell us more about you.
I simply love to write in any topic whether its entertainment, political ,social or any other topic.I love to share my views,ideas and thoughts.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?
I got to know about YL Nepal page through one of my friend and when i checked the posts of this page i really liked it.And when i saw about wordism competition i really liked the topic which you had selected.So i made a small attempt and wrote it.

3. Anything you want to say who is reading this!
“Every individual have their own point of view and own way of thinking.So let your thinking and point of views stand out among others too ” 🙂

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