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On February 23, 2015 an unidentified man flung acid on two teenage girls in capital Kathmandu. This led to an outrage in the people. The culprit managed to flee away- near from Metropolitan Police Range, Hanumandhoka, Kathmandu and the police has not been able to identify the perpetrator yet.

There is no any strict law in Nepal for Acid Attackers. People have been protesting in different parts of the country demanding a proper law and punishment for the attackers.

We asked some of the Nepalese young people to share what they felt about the recent acid attack. Here is what they have to say.



Acid attacking is the most coward act one can do ever. Attackers believe they have symbolically destroyed the women as a whole by destroying the physical appearance .Sighhh!!!!!! I don’t understand for how long we girls need to suffer like this? I am much disheartened by the act that I can’t even say what kind of punishment they should be given. Just know they should be punished hard.

    Finally, I would like to request everyone please respect women. You do not have right to break her from within.

BIJAY RAI (Kathford College)

This is a most stupid act one can do. The punishment should be step wise for the culprit. First his background investigation needs to be done and the reason behind his crime needs to be dig out. Then, he needs to be punished in such a way that no one will ever dare to commit such crime.

Rather than that another option can be to change him in a way that he will be the one to support women’s not to do such crimes.

    Guilty should be made realize his mistakes by someway so that he himself will announce the punishment for himself.


The recent incident of acid attack at basantapur was a horrendous news that questioned the safety of girls on the street. Those perpetrators must be punished and they should suffer as the girl has suffered. The suitable punishment for them would be an imprisonment for at least 15 years to life imprisonment depending on the severity.

    Also, they should be subjected to isolation if possible. Those who have played with life of girls should have their life gambled as well.

The girls will never feel safe to roam around the street unless they who wronged them are punished.

SUNIL PANDEY (Tri Chandra College)

I am really shocked to hear and see the news that two school girls were attacked by throwing acid in their face and body. The victims of acid attack are overwhelmingly increasing everywhere in the world, and it has increased in Nepal too. The acid attack crime is worse than a murder because the victim has to continue to “try and live with constant pain since they become disfigured for the rest of their lives.

    Nepal government should configure and confine the attackers by making the policy, laws regarding such crimes.

We all youth should overcome with all the crime and we should not make it a misery.


MUNA K.C (Kathmandu school of science and arts)

I got a shiver when I heard about that incident. Personally, I got such a rage that I would have cut his hands. It is sometimes due to less concentration of parents towards children.

    Parents should always teach their children about wrong and right path and guide them properly.

Despite of giving them physical punishment they should be taught to respect girls, giving them physical punishment is always not a solution to the problem.

KAMAL GAUTAM (Executive Member, Yuwa)

I had never heard about acid attack cases in Nepal earlier. Yes, I have sensed the male supremacy and retrogressive mindset at every step. But, the thing is, even the youth of our generation is…..

    I had never thought that youths of our generation would do this. The capability of today’s youth to inflict more harm than the older generations is nerve wreaking.

If people do not respect right to other’s existence then they have no right to live and obviously they will not do any good to the society and growth of the country and humanity in general. Put that perpetrators of the attack to sleep.

KARUNA PRASAIN (Shankhar Dev Campus)

This is not the first acid attack case in Nepal. The thing is that violence against women is highly growing in our society. In such case, the victim lose their self-confidence to live and their life becomes as equal to death. As I know government still has not promulgated any specific laws against such crimes. That’s why criminals are even feeling free to attack under the nose of police in the heart of city highlights. It should be categorized under a brutal crime. Lifetime imprisonment should be given to culprits.

    Not only that, “Sentence to death” be given to such bastards.

Also the victim may face the struggle of expensive surgeries and who would fill them up? – Hah!! Obviously the criminal.


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