A Letter To Heaven – Archana Tiwari, Winner, Wordism S3, Magh

Dear Love,

I am so sorry honey that I was a little late writing to you. But I know you will understand how hectic my days are here without you. After all, I have promised you to take care of our daughter in every situation. And I am doing my best dear, for I can see her budding into a compassionate young girl with each passing day!

Sometimes, I so badly wish you were here with us. How I wish to see you tell bedtime stories to our daughter and teach her nursery rhymes. What wouldn’t I give to feel,once again, your fingers caressing my hair! How I crave for your warm hug and how much I miss your gentle touch! But, I know I need to stay strong for our daughter,for our love, which isn’t easy though.

Dear, you know, every night, I watch our daughter drift off to sleep as I tell her a fairy tale. As I caress her hair and look into her angelic face, I realize how much she looks like you. She has the same thin nose and full lips like her father. She even clutches the pillows as she is sleeping like you used to. Those are the only moments I feel complete. It feels like I still have you by my side. Sometimes, I spend the whole night looking at her and remembering you. It feels so soothing!

She sometimes asks me where her daddy is. To this, I only say that he is somewhere far. I assure her that he is constantly looking at her and is sending a lot of happiness her way. I cannot fabricate lies but, I cannot tell her the truth either. How can I tell her that she had been orphaned even before she was born? How will her young mind understand that her daddy died working to earn enough to see his daughter grow comfortably? How will her delicate heart feel the pain her daddy went through when he fell off the 34th floor of the building he was working under the scorching sun in a place far away from home?

Darling, don’t worry I won’t let our daughter know the truth until she is able to understand it. But, I promise you, by the time she will know how and why her daddy left her forever, she will be more than prepared to handle the pain. I will make her a capable woman. She will be a woman her mother could never be. I will educate her and make her able to support herself and not always rely upon her life partner. So that, someday, she will not be forced to send her love far away from her just to earn enough as is needed to fill their stomach and to cover their body. She will not have to lose the love of her life like her mother did, just because she wasn’t able to support financially.

So, though I miss you a lot. Though I want to end everything and just be with you, I will hang on. For I have someone to take care of, to nurture and to put my hopes upon. For me, you are alive in our daughter’s smile. You are beating in her heart, you are breathing life through her! And, my love, I can live forever looking at her who is a part of you and is my whole life.

I could keep on writing to you and neither would my hands get tired nor words fail me. But, I have other responsibilities as well. Till our daughter becomes a woman ready to take the world by her hand, the only way I can be with you is through this letter. But, a day will come when the two of us shall be reunited in a place where there will not be any sorrows and we shall be together for eternity. So, until the day I will see you again, a lots of love and millions of remembrance, my love.

Yours forever,

Question answer with Archana

1. Tell us more about you.

Hello ! I am currently in the third year of my bachelor’s degree in microbiology. The thing I enjoy the most is reading novels.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

Truthfully, the primary reason I applied for this competition was for my love of writing. I just wanted to pen down my thoughts on a topic that captivated me. It is quite an honour to be awarded with the title “Wordism Hero” though I wasn’t so sure if I would be the winner.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

I just have a dream of becoming an honourable person. I want to be a person l will not regret being whenever I shall look at myself.

4. How do you feel being the Wordism Hero(Winner) of Magh

It feels great!! Though a little unexpected this achievement has surely helped me to realise that I do have a little talent in writing.:D

5. Anything you want to say about who is reading this!

To all the beautiful people out there don’t let a single failure judge you for who you are. You all are awesome and can achieve anything you want. Just have faith in yourself. Also if you love writing do try out your skills here in Wordism. It is an awesome platform to those who want to try!!!

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