A Letter to my Best Friend

July 18, 2017 Youth Legend 0

This is weird, very weird. I guess it’s probably because of the formality because we never address each other like this but here is an open letter to you, my dearest friend. Today I am going to write few of the things that I feel about us, few things that I’ve learned about us and few things that we’ve become. I won’t promise it’s going to be short but.

My Childhood Memories

July 16, 2017 Youth Legend 0

MY CHILDHOOD Deep inside at the core of my heart lie The colorful river of memories which can never dry. The stains of the wounds as well as the leg that was fractured twice Now takes me to the time I spent in that paradise. Eating the unripe mangoes that

How to identify and get rid of Toxic people

July 4, 2017 Youth Legend 0

Sometimes a toxic person comes in the form of a loved one which is literally the worst kind. These types of people can destroy your life. It doesn’t matter how happy you are if you are surrounded with toxic people you are never going to reach your full potential.