A confession of Software Engineering Student

May 29, 2017 Youth Legend 0

CONFESSION When I hear of the word ‘confess’ my mind immediately plots a scene where a man stands in a court telling the truth. Often at times, a confession is related to admitting a fault or a mistake. But this isn’t one of those scary murder confessions I am making

A Life of a Fat Kid – Change

May 15, 2017 Youth Legend 0

The Fear We Don’t Face Become Our Limit, SO EMBRACE CHANGE Growing up as a fat kid is almost never easy. There is always teasing or bullying, and while most people don’t do it intentionally, they never really seem to realize that what they call ‘humor or just joking around’

Local Election – KU Students Opinion

May 9, 2017 Youth Legend 0

Roles of Youth in Local Election – Youth Opinion The government of Nepal has declared that local elections will be held on 31st of Baisakh, 2074 B.S. Last Local Elections were held about 18 years ago. The then honorary Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuwa couldn’t continue the process of new

What’s in a life?

May 8, 2017 Youth Legend 1

I wish I could be alone dreaming in my own world but it’s quite harder. Your life is not only yours, it is bounded to thousands of people around you. Their hopes, interests, motivation always lie upon you. You can never be free from them. Being a medical student, I

Change: A Love Story of a Geeky Guy

May 7, 2017 Youth Legend 0

Don’t Go Gazing at the stars in the sky, Ankit is lost in his deep thoughts. He has always loved to watch the panoramic view of the setting sun during the dusk till the sky is illuminated with twinkling stars. He has always appreciated the change Mother Nature would undergo;