I feel so cold and slayed – Astha Dawadi, Runner Up, Wordism, Kartik

November 25, 2016 Youth Legend 0

The days of crows at first,
How eagerly it would come on my rooftop,
Mom would shower it with varieties of food,
And with all its mate, delighted, it would finish it up.
The day of lil puppies the next , how early i would wake up.
Cutely wrap it with flowers, tikas all over.
Day of a holy cow, incarnation of goddess laxmi, the next

Story behind inxchan.com

November 21, 2016 Youth Legend 0

When I was a kid my family experienced a civil war which started from 1996 and ended in 2006. My dad was serving in the army and participated in the war. We lived in the city and my dad was in the war zone.

Feeling sad and empty all the time. Is it depression?

November 20, 2016 Youth Legend 1

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Nepali Youth Opinion on Nepal Banda / Strike

November 18, 2016 Youth Legend 0

Nepal Banda or Strike has been common in Nepal. Many groups, parties call for Nepal Banda for different reasons as a form of protest. These days many voices have been raised to stop Banda forever. We asked some of the Nepalese young people to share their views on Nepal Banda

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