10 Local Pokhreli Songs which were famous during 90’s/80’s in Pokhara only

10 local pokhreli songs famous inside pokhara only

You are definitely 90s/80s Pokhreli, if you grew up singing to these songs. Here’s to the famous 10 local pokhreli songs. If you are from outside Pokhara, scroll down to find out if you knew any of these songs.

1.) Timi Meri Meet Hau- Anojreds(Veemtamu and Pratikshya)

– A beautiful and romantic duet by Anojreds and Pratikshya makes you fall in love with their voice, music and lyrics. A perfect song if you want to dedicate it to your someone especial or even better if both of you want to sing together.

2.) Pahilo Nazar ani Pahilo Vetma- ( Bhai Gurung)

– Do you believe in love at first sight? Or Are you in love with someone at first sight? If yes then this song is definitely for you. Gather your courage and sing it to him/her or make them listen to this song.
P.S. It takes me back to the time when the female model was crush of many boys at school. πŸ˜›

3.) Kaha Bata Suru Garaun ( Bhai Gurung)

– Yes! Its Bhai Gurung again! This song infact came as a second part of the song pahilo nazar…. Its beautiful how his every song has a story to tell. Again a song with perfect story telling.

4.) Yo lamo jindagi choto lagna thalyo ( Arbin Tulachan)


– Whoa! that luscious long hair definitely catches your attention at first. A song with beautiful chemistry amongst the pair is worth listening to and watching the video. But lyrics of the song is actually very sad.

5.) Missing you – Arbin Tulachan

– With a hope of being together soon and missing the other half, the song is beautiful in terms of its music, lyrics, vocals and also depicts the contemporary trend of fashion in Pokhara back then.

6.) Jati Tada- Sovit Basyal

– Sovit Basyal is still working actively in media sector in one way or the other. This song is also one of the popular song with most of us knowing lyrics by heart and singing them in the classrooms.

– The style of singing songs back then were totally different and cool Right ? πŸ˜‰

7.) Samjhana cha Chodi jane lai – ( Suraj Shrestha/ Nikita Shrestha)

– This song about letting go someone gracefully is sung by both Suraj and Nikita as male and female version. The combination of pictures to tell a story was a unique concept of music video. Nothing to be surprised, if this is in the playlist of Pokhreli till today πŸ˜€


8.) Ukali Chadi- Shyam Sung Tamang
– You can never get enough of this beautiful sentimental song, Sung by one of the very popular singer in Pokhara Shyam Sung Tamang. He has been judging several seasons of singing contests and some other talent competition in Pokhara for many years now.


9.) Anjan Priyesi- The Spear band
Lets go back to the time when all boy band was trending. The Spear Band was following the trend with this song.

10.) Timilai Dobatoma- Swarbagya Man Shakya

This melodious song is beautiful in a way, the singer expresses his feelings about his beloved for not meeting him. A beautiful song to enjoy with your earplugs on.


Good Old Days Right ?

It is only a list of 10 songs.
Did we miss your favorite songs? Let us know by sharing it in the comment below.

Cheers to Old Music πŸ™‚

Contributor: Pratikshya Poudel. She was born and brought up in Pokhara.

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